Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 598

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Chapter 598

Baishan often browses international news events and is familiar with the name of Blood Wolf.

When they heard his words, Elvira and Paula next only felt a tingling scalp.

International AAA grade criminal!

This kind of character is definitely a wicked person.

He came to assassinate Kelly, and Kelly’s life was definitely in danger.

Thinking of this.

The cold sweat on Elvira’s forehead was flowing down, and she continued to read the news.

It’s just that, the more she read, the more thrilling it was.

Twelve bodyguards of Kelly were all killed!

The top ten Chinese martial arts masters in Jiangnan were all seriously injured.

This scene fell in Elvira’s eyes and immediately made her a heart came to the throat.

She was afraid of seeing the bad news of her idol.

Only when she continued to see.

‘When Kelly was about to die under the claws of the blood wolf, a mysterious expert appeared, and this person was Master Lin! ‘

Master Lin?

Elvira’s heart suddenly shook at this moment, but she remembered that she had seen the back of Master Lin from the video before, and he was almost like her husband… Shaun.

Thinking of this.

Elvira couldn’t help but look back at Shaun.

After seeing Shaun wearing a bib, holding a spoon in his hand, and dressing up as a home cook, Elvira shook her head, a wry smile appeared at the corner of her mouth:

“I’m thinking about it again! How can Shaun have something to do with Master Lin!”

Thinking of this, Elvira continued to look at the laptop screen.


When she saw, Master Lin appeared, punched the blood wolf’s armor, smashed the cold blood spear blade with two fingers, and nailed the blood wolf to the ground with a throw.

Elvira got dumbfounded.

Three tricks?

Completely abolished the blood wolf?

This is unbelievable.

Not only her, but Baishan next to her also seemed to have seen a ghost. Seeing the story of this news, he kept shaking his head:

“Cut! What kind of sh!t report is this? How is it written like a fantasy novel!”

“That’s the blood wolf, the international AAA murderer, the death of Kelly’s twelve bodyguards, and the serious injuries of the top ten national masters of martial arts. It is enough to see the brutality and viciousness of the blood wolf! How could this kind of character be caught by that master Lin? Nail to the ground, isn’t this a bullish!t?”

Baishan didn’t believe it at all, there are no such powerful people.

He immediately thought that the editor of this news has too exaggerated in order to promote that Master Lin.

Even Paula next to him said:

“Yes, three tricks to abolish the murderous blood wolf, even if Master Lin is in China, he is definitely the top person! How could this kind of person hide in our little Jiangshi! “

The couple questioned the news reports constantly.

Elvira continued to search from the Internet.

Until she entered the Jiangshi forum and suddenly saw that it had been completely screened by the ‘Kelly Incident’.

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