Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

And just when the two major evils, with the crowded motorcade, galloped toward the Shengshi Club!

Lin Guangyao is enjoying the flattery and compliments of all the old classmates in the box:

These people looked at Lin Guangyao, as if they were looking at idols, with deep respect:

“Haha… or our squad leader has the ability! he even have friendship with Ziheng Xu!”

“Yes! It seems that our monitor is in Tianlong Group, and we are going to be promoted again! Congratulations! Congratulations!”

“Squad leader, you can help us introduce Young Master Ziheng Xu! We have admired him for a long time!”


Many old classmates flattered Lin Guangyao constantly.

This sentence made Lin Guangyao’s vanity instantly bursting.

“Haha! Good to say!”

After Lin Guangyao finished speaking, he said to Shaun and Elvira:

“The visitor is a guest! Shaun, Elvira, come and sit!”

At the moment, they led Shaun and sat down.

Just sat down!

Lin Guangyao cast a wink at the person around him, and the person immediately understood, and said with a playful smile:

“Shaun, squad leader Guangyao helped you so much? For today’s meal, please treat me!”

“Yes! Shaun, you must have a treat today! Our monitor saved your life!”


The old classmates around responded one after another.

The eyes of these people were joking and mocking, and that all looked like a good show.

These words made the smile on Elvira’s face a little stiff.

She knew that the cost here was 10,000 per person, and there were more than a dozen people in this room. After a meal, she was afraid that it would be more than 100,000.

And when I went out, I only brought a bank card for spending, and the card was only tens of thousands of dollars. How could this be possible.

At the moment, Elvira winked at Shaun anxiously and asked him to refuse!

However, Shaun didn’t seem to have seen it. The smile on the corner of his mouth seemed to exist, and he nodded faintly:

“No problem! I will pay the bill tonight!”

At the moment he became the new chairman of Universal, all his cards have been unfrozen.

Let alone a meal, even buying a country is easy.

Not to mention, the Shengshi Club was originally one of his industries!


Only at this moment, when Shaun’s words came out, Elvira’s head was stunned and everyone around him instantly boiled.


And so simply!

Even Wen Qian and Lin Guangyao were stunned. After all, after a meal, that could cost thousands of yauns. Even if they were in his place, they couldn’t afford to pay.

And Shaun…

“it is good!”

Wen Qian was afraid that Shaun would repent, and immediately shouted sarcastically, and then handed over the menu:

“Shaun local tyrant, come on, today you are the host, you order!”

Not only Wen Qian, but Lin Guangyao and the others next to him also looked at Shaun with abusive expressions. They wanted to know if this guy would be frightened and fainted if he looked at the price of the menu.

At this moment, Elvira’s mouth was full of bitterness.

She didn’t expect Shaun to be so reckless that she actually agreed.


It was useless to say anything, Shaun agreed, and then he had to do it. Elvira was planning to find someone to send the money.

And aside!

Shaun didn’t seem to see Elvira’s worries at all.

He took the menu, glanced roughly, and clicked on some of the dishes on it. Then he said:

“This! This! And this!”


Wen Qian and Lin Guangyao were taken aback for a moment, their eyebrows frowned instantly, and they discovered that all of the dishes Shaun ordered were all side dishes.

The price belongs to the cheapest kind.

“I said Shaun local tyrant, why do you only order the cheapest one! If you don’t have the money to pay, don’t pretend to be a big-tailed wolf here!” Wen Qian said, mercilessly, looking at Shaun with a deep gaze. Disgust.

And hearing this, the rest of the people also turned gloomy.

“Shaun, order the cheapest side dish, do you look down on us?”

“Yeah! The squad leader saved your life just now! You just returned it? That’s too stingy, Elvira, you can’t take this kind of man!”

“Songer! Pretend if you have no money, really…”


These ridicules seemed to be slapped, making Elvira’s pretty face red.

At this moment, she couldn’t wait to find a place to get in.

But just when she wanted to persuade Shaun!

I saw that Shaun combined the menu, still at the table, and then said to the waiter:

“Except for the few side dishes I ordered, let’s all have one portion!”


One for all?

Nest… Nest grass!

At this moment, everyone could hardly believe their ears. You must know that every dish in the Shengshi Clubhouse was air-shipped from various countries, and the cost was extremely expensive.

With the addition of the Michelin chef’s craftsmanship, each dish costs nearly 10,000, and all the dishes on the menu add up to at least hundreds of thousands, or even millions.


At this moment, everyone involuntarily took a breath.

Elvira was even more pale as if struck by lightning.

Originally, she had planned to pay for Shaun’s vanity, and even considered asking someone to send money over, but she couldn’t imagine that Shaun actually ordered a menu.


A trace of water mist filled Elvira’s beautiful eyes, her heart was like a knife twist.

She didn’t feel sorry for the money, but was extremely disappointed with Shaun.

She didn’t expect that Shaun would do such a stupid thing in order to pretend to be good face, it was incorrigible.

“Shaun, did Elvira give you a lot of pocket money?” Wen Qian asked curiously at this moment.

In her cognition, even Elvira is usually extremely frugal!

And a meal of nearly one million, this is simply unimaginable.


Shaun smiled and shook his head.


Everyone became more curious, Lin Guangyao couldn’t help asking:

“Then what do you pay for?”

Everyone’s gazes turned towards Shaun, with deep doubts and doubts.

Even Elvira couldn’t help but look at Shaun.

And just under everyone’s attention, Shaun took out a black card from his pocket and put it on the table, then turned his head and smiled and said to Elvira:

“Elvira, use this card to pay the bill soon! From now on, this belongs to you!”

Huh huh!

Everyone’s eyes gathered on the card, and they suddenly saw that it was a black card, without a number on it, only a gray-white skull graphic.


After everyone saw this card, the whole box fell into a strange silence.



Burst into laughter.

“Hahaha…Shaun, are your brains flooded? This card is not a bank card, how can you use it to pay?”

“Yeah! Isn’t this a game card? There is a skull pattern on it? You are pretending to be in the wrong place, haha, it’s a laugh!”

“Cut! It turned out to be a bragging idiot! What a waste of emotions!”

In an instant, everyone looked at Shaun with deep contempt and disgust.

They can be sure that this is definitely not a bank card of any bank.

Isn’t it a joke to pay with this card?

The thick laughter resounded continuously.

But Elvira’s pretty face changed from pale to blood red, as if being slapped one after another, causing her tears to fall down unbelievably.

At this moment, everyone, including her, believed that Shaun was pretending to be coercion, and pretending to be coercive like a fool.


But just when everyone wanted to continue to laugh at Shaun.

The door of the box opened.

Everyone was stunned to see that the general manager of the Shengshi Club came in with a group of waiters.

Every waiter held a tray in his hand, and on it was filled with a wide range of drinks.

This scene shocked everyone in the box.

The head is the general manager of Shengshi Club.

Normally, only a big boss of Tianlong Xu’s level is qualified to be on an equal footing with him.

“Wang…Manager Wang, what are you…” Wen Qian asked in shock at this moment.

Heard this!

The general manager’s face suddenly showed a deep pleased look, and asked cautiously:

“Excuse me, who is Mr. Lin?”

Mr. Lin?

Everyone was startled, their eyes turned to Lin Guangyao and Shaun, until the end, they were fixed on Lin Guangyao.

After all, in everyone’s eyes, Shaun is just a wasteful son-in-law, who can make a person like Manager Wang be so careful, I am afraid that Lin Guangyao is the only one.

“I am!” Lin Guangyao said as he did his part.

However, his words just fell!

I saw Manager Wang and all the waiters, hula la, bowed to him at all:

“On behalf of the Shengshi Club, we welcome Mr. Lin to come!”

“Our eldest sister, Blood Rose, hereby offers all the fine wines from the collection, Mr. Wanglin laughs!”

“In addition, our eldest sister asked me to bring a word to Mr. Lin!”


Manager Wang looked at Lin Guangyao with intense enthusiasm and excitement, and then bowed to the ground:

“Thank you for your life-saving ten years ago!!!”

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