Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 600

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Chapter 600

The mystery and horror of Master Lin, in the eyes of the family of three, simply surpassed the term human.


When Master Lin in the video waved his palm, the shaft of the Hanxue spear penetrated the body of the blood wolf like a bolt of lightning, flying his entire life away.

After being inserted hard on the ground.


Before the laptop, there was silence.



Puffs of sweat flowed violently from Baishan’s forehead. His eyes were wide and round. He watched the video. He was pierced by a spear and nailed to the ground screaming blood wolf constantly. It just feels like a dream:


Baishan swallowed fiercely, and then said in a trembling voice:

“Okay… so powerful! I originally thought that the editor of that news was talking nonsense, deliberately exaggerating this Master Lin!”

“But now, it seems that there is no exaggeration, and even that editor’s writing style is not enough to describe the power and incredibleness of the Lin Master!”

Baishan’s heart was utterly shocked, and the three shots made by Master Lin completely subverted his world view.

He couldn’t imagine that there is such a powerful human in this world.

This is more than that.

Paula next to him stared at Shaun with a sigh of sight.

Seeing her son-in-law wearing a bib and holding a spoon, Paula’s mouth twitched fiercely, as if she had seen a ghost:

“Lin… Shaun, tell me the truth, are you, Master Lin?”


When they heard this question from Paula, whether it was Elvira or Baishan, they got shocked.

They naturally doubted Shaun.

But it’s too fantasy.

After all, in their eyes, Shaun is just a waste, washing and cooking, doing nothing.

Even if he resembles Grandmaster Lin, Elvira and Baishan can hardly connect Shaun with that master Lin who is like a god-man.

But now!

Huh huh!

The eyes of the family of three stared at Shaun, full of questions.

They look forward to it in their hearts, but also feel uneasy.

After all, a guy who washes and cooks every day and is considered a waste by everyone, if he is a hermit, can he use three moves to abolish the great master like blood wolf?

The contrast between that guy in the video and Shaun made them not accept it.

Feeling the gazes of the three, Shaun’s mouth twitched slightly, then shrugged and said with a wry smile:

“Mom! You can ask Elvira, I was sleeping in the room and I never went out!”

“Moreover, if I was that great master Lin, how could I stay at home every day!”

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