Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 610

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Chapter 610

“Auntie, yes it’s me!” Elvira immediately jumped up happily, put her arms around the middle-aged woman.

Hearing this!

Aunt Yuzhi got happy, touching Elvira’s pretty face with excitement, full of affection:

“Elvira, I don’t believe it is you! Let me see, my goodness, you have really gotten more and more beautiful!”

“You are just like a fairy.”

Aunt Yuzhi was extremely enthusiastic towards Elvira.

When Elvira heard this, a touch of glory appeared on Elvira’s face. When she pulled down Shaun, she introduced:

“Auntie, this is my husband Shaun!”

Seeing Shaun and aunt Yuzhi’s faces, the enthusiasm remained unabated, and she quickly invited the two into the house.


Just as Shaun and Elvira walked into Yuzhi’s home, a woman’s cold voice suddenly came over:

“Yeah! She is the cousin who was swept out by the Bai family?”

“Why you were driven out by the Bai family, and you just thought of your aunt! Tsk, is this your rubbish husband next to you? As expected, he is as shabby as I have heard!”


When she heard the cold voice, the smile on Elvira’s face became slightly stiff.

She saw that in the living room, a woman was sitting on the sofa looking at them with a proud face.

This woman, looking in her early twenties, is even more gorgeous, with heavy makeup.

However, her face covered with a thick foundation is full of arrogance and disdain.

She looked at Elvira and Shaun’s eyes as if she was looking at two refugees.

She is Yuzhi’s daughter-Zhu Ru!

In the living room, not only is her cousin Zhu Ru alone, but there is also a middle-aged man, painting something on the coffee table.

After the arrival of Elvira and Shaun, the middle-aged man did not even lookup.

Complete arrogance.

For a time!

The atmosphere in the living room is a bit awkward.

My aunt Yuzhi hurriedly scolded her daughter Zhu Ru:

“Xiao Ru, why are you talking nonsense! This is your cousin and cousin-in-law, you must not be rude!”

That’s it!

Aunt Yuzhi looked at Elvira and Shaun with embarrassment and said:

“Elvira, don’t be angry with you cousin!”

“And this one, it’s your uncle! Shaun, you probably haven’t seen him yet!”

I’m Zhu Zhide!

After hearing his wife’s introduction, the younger uncle Zhu Zhide raised his head and glanced indifferently at Elvira and Shaun. After seeing Shaun’s clothes so shabby, a touch of disdain passed over his face, and he said hello.

“Auntie, did I come at the wrong time?”

At this moment, Elvira saw that there were dishes on the table that had just been cooked.

She thought that her aunt Yuzhi’s home was a little uncomfortable for them to come at this time.

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