Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 614

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Chapter 614


The words of Zhang Kaiming shocked Yuzhi and her husband.

For five hundred thousand!

Although their family is wealthy, they can’t half a million to buy just a vase.

“They have heard of the Xuanjing Purple Vase. It is said that there are only a dozen pieces unearthed by Huaxia!” Zhu Zhide, the young uncle there, looked at the vase with fiery eyes, and his face was full of joy:

“You have a heart! Enlightened, you are really a filial child!”

Obviously, the younger uncle Zhu Zhide is extremely satisfied with his son-in-law.

And seeing this scene!

Zhu Ru’s face also showed a deep complacency:

“That is! Our enlightened family has been thinking of you two elders all the time!”


Zhu Ru squinted at Elvira next to her:

“How it is possible that like some other people I can forget my mother’s birthday.”

Zhu Ru never missed an opportunity to hit Elvira.

It’s just that her words just fell!

But beside Elvira, a playful voice rang:

“Tsk tusk! It is a fake vase. It is not original!”


A fake for five hundred dollars.

After hearing this, everyone in the living room changed their expressions, and they realized that it was Shaun’s words.


The couple stared at Shaun, wishing to eat him:

“Lin, why are you talking nonsense! I obviously bought this vase for more than half a million! How could it be fake, don’t spit on people!”

“That’s right! My husband is an executive of the Qin Group, with an annual income of more than three million yuan. What are you, have you any qualifications to say that this is a fake!”

The couple seemed to be stepped on their tails, and they kept accusing Shaun.

Even the younger uncle Zhu Zhide and aunt Yuzhi next to them were full of surprise and doubt, obviously, they didn’t believe Shaun’s words.

“Shaun, you…”

Elvira Qiao’s face turned pale, and she wanted to silent Shaun.

However, Shaun patted the back of her hand and said directly:

“Is it a fake? Your husband should know! There are only a dozen authentic pieces of this mysterious purple vase in China! But fakes are the most widely distributed!”

“Among them, the one who is best at making fake Xuanjing purple vases is Mao Jiu!”

Mao Jiu?

Hearing this name, Paula and Zhu Zhide got shocked.

Everyone has heard of the name Mao Jiu who loves antiques, calligraphy, and painting.

This person is the most famous antique master.

In his hands, there is no antique that cannot be copied!

He was deeply disgusted by the antique circle and was listed as the most unforgivable person.

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