Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 616

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Chapter 616


To everyone’s surprise, Shaun didn’t even have the slightest panic or worry on his face. Instead, he walked to the pile of vase fragments, bent over, and picked up a piece from it.


When everyone’s angry eyes fell on the fragment in Shaun’s hands.

The anger disappeared.

Their curse stopped.

Everyone seemed to have seen a ghost, looking at the fragment, or rather, at a seal on the fragment.

‘Antique-Mao Jiu! ‘

There are these words, but in the eyes of Yuzhi’s family nearby, they felt like a thunderstorm, completely confused.

“Mao Jiu? This, is this a product of Mao Jiu?”

The voice of uncle Zhu Zhide trembled.

Mao Jiu’s imitation antiques are countless in China, and each one has a price of only one or two hundred yuan on the stalls.

Especially the antique lovers, if they buy an imitation, they will be laughed at by their counterparts in the antique circle for half a year.

And now!

Not only did they buy Mao Jiu’s outrageously cheap imitations, they even spent a high price of 500,000 yuan.

If this news spread, it will definitely become a big joke in the mouths of all antique lovers.


After Zhang Kaiming saw the name of Mou Jiu, his whole body became more drained, and he fell to the ground:

“I… I got cheated! I spent half a million to buy a fake antique?”

“No…impossible! How is this possible!”

At the moment of opening up, he only felt his cheeks as if he had been slapped hard, making him hot and painful, embarrassed, wishing to find a place to sew in.

And beside!

Elvira also covered her small mouth in astonishment.

Her beautiful eyes were blurred, and her look at Shaun was full of incredible colors.

Can’t understand.

She lived with Shaun for three full years, but she had never seen Shaun fiddle with antique calligraphy and painting, and she couldn’t understand how this guy could see it?

Especially, the mark of Mao Jiu is inside the vase.

Not to mention ordinary antique lovers, even some experts do not know about this secret.

But now!

Shaun actually concluded in one minute, it was incredible.

“Mom, I…” Zhang Kaiming looked at Yuzhi lonely, his eyes filled with shame and apology.

Obviously, he was also deceived.

Especially, if it weren’t for Shaun, to tell the truth, the family would treat this fake as a treasure, and if someone saw it in the future, it would be impossible to lift their heads for a lifetime and become a complete idiot.

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