Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 620

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Chapter 620


at this time.

Zhu Ru immediately stepped forward and grouped the painting left by Shaun, as if facing a piece of trash, fold it into a paper ball, and then threw it into the trash can:

“Huh! Although our Zhu family is not a wealthy family, we have a standard. If we want this kind of rubbish painting leftover from waste, wouldn’t we be a joke!”

Zhu Ru didn’t even look at Shaun’s paintings at all.

And Zhang Kaiming also walked to the edge of the window and looked down.


Through the window, he saw the underside of the residential building. Shaun and Elvira had already walked downstairs.

Going straight towards the Mercedes.

“Huh? He can’t tell, this Shaun is not only rubbish but the painting he drew is also rubbish!”

“But this guy, he’s still driving! He’s also driving a Mercedes… Tsk! Huh?”

Zhang Kaiming was laughing at Shaun.

However, when he saw that this was a Mercedes-Benz, especially the license plate number, which turned out to be from Jiangshi, he seemed to think of something, and his whole body trembled.

“No… not possible!”

His expressions changed in an instant.

And this scene left the Yuzhi family next to him in a daze.

“Husband, what’s wrong with you? What’s wrong?” Zhu Ru was puzzled.

And Yuzhi next to her was also at a loss:

“Enlightened! Elvira used to be the president of the Bai Group anyhow, so they drive a Mercedes-Benz, is there any problem?”


Thinking of that terrible possibility, Zhang Kaiming only felt a numb scalp, and the cold sweat on his forehead rushed down.

“Dad! Mom! Wife! Broken!”

“The offender who broke Qin Gongzi’s fingers before was driving a Mercedes-Benz! And the license plate belonged to Jiangshi!!!”

The offender who broke Qin Gongzi’s fingers!

At this moment, when they heard Zhang Kaiming say that the offender was with a woman driving a Mercedes-Benz, and the license plate was of Jiang Shi.

The expressions of Yuzhi’s family changed drastically.

One by one, they hurried to the edge of the window and looked down.

Suddenly they saw that Shaun and Elvira were in a Mercedes-Benz, slowly leaving from the parking space, and the license plate was from Jiangshi.


This scene changed the complexion of Yuzhi’s family.

“That’s right! Shaun must be the offender who broke Master Qin’s finger! They remembered when Zhang Kaiming said about the offender at the time, Cousin Elvira’s face was extremely ugly!”

“Yes! It must be him! Damn, this guy has caused a terrible disaster, and even dared to come to our house. If Master Qin knew about it, then our family will be ruined!”

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