Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 637

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Chapter 637

How could this be possible, Qin Group is a second-rate group in Yunhai City with a strong background. How could it be possible that Shaun, an outsider can say that!

This is just nonsense.

“Hahaha… idiot! Do you think that if you have Li Xiong to help you, you can do anything in our city?” Qin Shou stared at Shaun, his voice was full of harshness:

“You don’t even know how powerful my Qin Group is!”


Qin Shou wanted to use words to scare Shaun, but he hadn’t finished yet.

Jingle Bell!

His cell phone rang.

Qin Shou felt severe pain in his body and quickly took out the phone.

Especially, when he saw the call, which was actually from his father, Qin Jun, the viciousness smile on his face became more and more intense:

“Hahaha… Do you see it? My dad called! You guys wait for me!”

While talking!

Qin Shou answered the phone!

However, Qin Shou got stunned to hear a panic-stricken roar just after the call was connected.

“Little beast, what do you have done!”

“Our group is over! The Fei family has banned us, and the Qi family has banned us. Now all the groups in Yunhai have banned us in all aspects! What have you done!”

The panic and despair in this voice fell like a blast of thunder in Qin Shou’s ears, causing his whole body to tremble.

“No… impossible!”

Qin Shou was completely confused.

That’s it!

Although their Qin Group has strengths, it was the second-rate group in Yunhai.

Now Fei, Qi, and other giant groups in Yunhai City are banning them, then in no time, this group will be finished.

How can this be?

Thinking of this, Qin Shou couldn’t help but remember Shaun’s words.

Qin Group is over.

Incredibly, this guy has said it before.

“Yes… you did it? Who are you? Who are you?” Qin Shou looked at Shaun in disbelief at this moment.

He can be sure that this matter has nothing to do with Shaun.

It’s just that he couldn’t imagine what kind of identity Shaun was that he has alarmed the giants like the Fei Family and the Qi Family, and ban their group.

Not only him!

Elvira next to him also covered her mouth in astonishment.

She looked at her husband, but she can’t even imagine that how Shaun did it.

However, Shaun at this moment didn’t care about Qin Shou’s panic.

To him, the Qin Group and all the consortiums in Yunhai City have a value like ants and nothing more.

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