Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 702

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Chapter 702

He used almost all the power that the emperor could use, but the final result still made him frightened.

Irene seemed to have evaporated out of thin air, disappearing in the imperial capital.

Faced with this ending, Jacob felt extremely upset, and finally realized what it means to regret.

“Irene, I was wrong.”

“Come back, I’ll follow you whatever you want.”

“If you want moths to fight the fire, as long as you are willing to accompany me, I will advance and retreat with you. You give birth to me, you die and I die.”

In the lonely and deserted night, Jacob’s tears were like water bursting into a bank.

It is said that the man has tears and does not flick it lightly.

Three days later, Guan Xiao, who was running around, returned to Jacob to return to life.

“President, we investigated all the exits of the Imperial Capital and did not find any suspicious vehicles. It stands to reason that Miss Yan should still be in the Imperial Capital. But-our people searched all the hotels and rental rooms, and they did not find her information. “

Jacob felt cold all over, he stared at Guan Xiao with a pair of blood pupils, “What about the test report of that pool of blood?”

Guan Xiao’s face was very ugly, and he became hesitant, “President, that pool of blood, we did a genetic comparison. It is indeed Miss Yan’s.”

“Ah…” Jacob let out a roar that pierced the sky like a sleeping lion.

“Who is the murderer?” he asked through gritted teeth.

Guan Xiao said, “We investigated the surveillance video, and there was only one vehicle entering and leaving the imperial capital at that time. However, the license plate number of that vehicle was obscured by something reflective at the critical moment. I can’t see it clearly.”

A violent look appeared on Jacob’s handsome face, “Do you think the entire imperial capital, where can the perpetrators come from?”

Guan Xiaowei was startled, “Zhanjia.”

Jacob didn’t have any conclusive evidence, but he was anxious. In line with the iron-and-blood principle that he would rather kill by mistake and not miss, he thought that Zhanjia is a place where dirt is hidden, and he has the ability to successfully escape after the accident. How to put the hat of key suspicion on the war family.

“I’m going to Zhanjia.” Jacob said.

Guan Xiao said: “I’ll make arrangements.”

When Jacob’s Rolls Royce appeared in the Tourmaline Manor, he happened to encounter Zhan Tingye’s extended Lincoln coming out of the manor.

Seeing Jacob, Zhan Tingye deliberately got out of the car, walked in front of Jacob, and sarcastically said: “Jacob, I heard that you are looking for people everywhere recently. You have no intention of managing the company’s business. Dad has to remind you, A man’s family shouldn’t be caught by the love of their children, otherwise they’ll lose the madam and break the soldiers. You’ll fall in pain.”

Jacob stared at Zhan Tingye solemnly. “I’m not like you, only profit is a figure.”

Throughout Zhan Tingye’s life, from a young age, he would not indulge in love between men and women. Very indifferent to family, fascinated by Vanity Fair.

Jacob couldn’t think of any reason why he would murder Irene, so after a few perfunctory words, he asked Guan Xiao to drive into the tourmaline manor.

Rolls-Royce finally stopped at Aiyue Castle.

Accompanied by Guan Xiao and strong wind and grass, Jacob broke into Aiyue Castle with some momentum.

“Where is the old lady?” Seeing the housekeeper, Jacob asked him coldly without giving him a good face.

The butler was flabbergasted, probably not quite used to the scene where the young master and the old man met in battle.

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