Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 639

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Chapter 639

Elvira looked at Shaun. At this moment, she only felt that her husband was becoming more mysterious and unpredictable.

“Lin…Shaun, how you did this all?”

Elvira’s body was shaking a little.

Looking at his wife, Shaun’s mouth twitched slightly and said:

“Wife, I was bragging, that’s it!”


Elvira got taken aback and then continued to hear Shaun saying.

“That Li Xiong, I met once before and he was taught a bit by me, so when he saw me he recognized me and he didn’t hit us!”

“As for the end of the Qin Group, I didn’t know it. After all, I didn’t know anyone in Yunhai, and I never made a phone call or sent a text message!”

Shaun’s words made Elvira’s eyes brighten.

That’s right!

She has been with Shaun, but she has never seen Shaun take out his cell phone.

In other words, the end of the Qin Group has nothing to do with Shaun. This is just a coincidence.

Thinking of this, Elvira breathed a long sigh of relief.

She was afraid that her husband was a super figure who decided about the life and death of a group under one word.

And at this moment.

After Shaun saw Elvira’s relaxed look, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.

This is just the destruction of a second-tier group in a third-tier city.

Elvira was nervous to such an extent.

Shaun couldn’t imagine how much Elvira would be shocked if his wife knew that he can do anything he wants in this world.

“It seems that it will take a long time!”

Shaun said to himself.

Elvira was taken aback for a moment, and asked curiously:

“Shaun, what do you mean by a long time!”

“No…nothing!” Shaun smiled awkwardly, and immediately changed the subject:

“Wife, where are we going now?”

Hearing this.

Elvira seemed to instantly remember what happened today, and a trace of irritability and sadness appeared on her beautiful face:

“Hey… I completely offended my aunt today! She should be very angry with me now!”

A wry smile appeared at the corner of Elvira’s mouth.

Auntie is one of the few relatives who had treated us very well.

But I wasn’t expecting that this visit would cause such an ugly situation, and even we lost face on her birthday.


Just after Elvira just finished speaking.

Jingle Bell.

There was her mobile phone ringing.


After Elvira saw the displayed phone number, she got taken aback for a moment, and then the bitterness on her face became more intense.

“This call is probably from my aunt to scold me!”

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