Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 64

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Chapter 64

“You are Shaun?”

The scared man stared at Shaun coldly, the smile on the corner of his mouth was cruel and fierce.

Shaun nodded lightly and smiled slightly:

“Go ahead! What do you want to do?”

doing What!

The scared man smiled more intensely, he took out a cigarette and held it in his mouth.

Suddenly, a serious prisoner next to him hurriedly bowed and lit him.


A faint smoke ring was spit out from the scared man’s mouth, and his smile became colder and colder:

“Nothing! Someone asked me to take off your clothes and hand over your prescription!”

“In addition, I’ve scrapped you!”

After saying this, Scar Man seemed to be waiting to appreciate Shaun’s fearful expression, looking straight at him.

However, what disappointed Scar Man was that Shaun had a faint smile on his mouth from beginning to end.

No fear!

No panic!

“It turned out to be for my clothes and prescription!”

The smile at the corner of Shaun’s mouth became more abrupt:

“Yes! But I need you to promise me one thing!”


The Scar Man was slightly startled. He did not expect that the guy in front of him was so calm that he even dared to negotiate terms with him:

“tell me the story!”

He was curious as to what kind of conditions this kid would say.

“Actually, I haven’t seen blood in three years! I miss it a little…”


Shaun’s words are full of weirdness, not only that.

The Scar Man and the others saw that a bloodthirsty arc appeared in the corner of Shaun’s mouth. His eyes swept over everyone, like a tiger sweeping a group of lambs:

“So, I want to see what color the blood on you is!”


As soon as this word came out, the entire cell was completely exploded.



Scarman and others couldn’t imagine that the young man in front of them was provoking them. In an instant, everyone was very angry.

But this does not stop.

Just when these dozens of serious criminals were about to scold him.


Shaun’s figure flashed suddenly, like a bolt of lightning, rushing into the crowd.

There was a bloodthirsty glow in his eyes.

Between the twinkling of his hands, he struck down fiercely at the surrounding prisoners!

Puff puff!

The scarlet blood suddenly splashed out.

The bloody scene that made the scared man and the death souls of all the felons around, appeared…

at the same time!

Inside the Caesars Hotel, a staff member is constantly busy.

The entire Caesar Hotel was completely cleared today, and only one box was open to welcome an important person to come for dinner.

At the door of the hotel.

Jiang City Police Chief Niu Yunkui and Jiang City No. 1 Chairman Zhang Guohao are waiting anxiously.

“President, who is that Mr. Lin?”

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