Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 642

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Chapter 642

The three people spoke with trembling apologies.

Seeing this scene, Elvira felt a mess in her mind.

Bowed to apologize?

Are they the same people who were using abusive words an hour before?

Elvira found that the direction the three people were bowing is not her, but it seemed more like they were bowing to Shaun…

Elvira thought of this absurd idea and suddenly felt extremely incredible.

After all, her husband had offended this family before.

Broke their vase.

Draw a poor picture for them as a gift!

Everything was enough to make the aunt’s family hate Shaun so much, how could they bow to Shaun.

This is not possible.

These thoughts just flashed through Elvira’s mind. She hurried forward and said helplessly:

“Uncle, cousin! What are you doing?”

Elvira couldn’t think that her aunt’s family had become so respectful.

Before both Zhu Ru and Zhang Kaiming had bashed her and Shaun, and now they are not only respectful even Elvira can see a trace of fear on their faces.

“Okay! Everyone is a family, Elvira will not blame anyone!”

At this moment, aunt Yuzhi came over, her eyes glanced at Shaun next to her and she said:

“Elvira, Shaun, your uncle has booked a place at Shengshi Hotel!”

“Let’s go! Let’s eat and talk while having a meal!”

Hearing this, the awkward atmosphere among the people vanished slightly.

All walked towards the Shengshi Hotel.

On the way.

Uncle Zhu Zhide started talking to Shaun intentionally, respectfully, and cautiously.

Soon, when everyone walked into the Shengshi Hotel, they suddenly saw that someone was already queuing in front.

“Shaun, Elvira, this Shengshi Hotel belongs to Shengshi Group, and Shengshi Group is a subsidiary of Universal Group!”

“So, it remains full every day! Let’s line up!”

Zhu Zhide smiled awkwardly at Shaun.

Shaun wouldn’t care about this, and everyone waited patiently now.


The guests in front walked ahead and booked table after table.

And just when Zhu Zhide was about to step forward and take his table number.

He saw a middle-aged man with a fat head and big ears walking to the front of the bar with a delicately dressed young woman.

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