Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 647

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Chapter 647


At this moment, the voices in the entire lobby disappeared without a trace, and the ridicule on the faces of everyone around froze.

Because they saw that there was a bright red palm printed on the face of the security manager Viper.

The snake got slapped?

Seeing this scene, no matter it is the receptionist or the fat man and others, they can’t believe their eyes.

The poisonous snake is the man of the heyday.

Especially here in the Shengshi Hotel.

Everyone couldn’t imagine that someone can be brave enough to hit the security manager of the Shengshi Hotel in the Shengshi Hotel. Is he looking at his death?

Not to mention a shabby young man in front of them, even people like Mr. Fei and Mr. Qi can’t dare to do this.


In the eyes of Fatty and others, this young man is crazy.

“You…you dare to hit me?” The snake got dumbfounded.

With the palm of his hand he covered his cheek, feeling the fiery pain on his cheek, a trace of earth-shaking anger, burst out from his heart:

“You dare to beat me! I’m going to kill you! Get…”


The Viper hasn’t finished his words, another loud slap hit his face fiercely, and immediately he staggered falling back several steps.

Second slap!

Everyone around got even more shocked.

Especially when they saw that the corners of the mouth of the poisonous snake were slapped, everyone felt their numb scalp.

“Lin…Shaun, you can’t do this!”

Yuzhi’s family was almost scared to pee at this moment.

Hitting a snake is equal to offending Universal Group.

Thinking of the relationship among them cause everyone’s scalp to burst.


Just when Elvira and others wanted to step forward to stop Shaun in horror.

However, Shaun appeared in front of the poisonous snake like a ghost:

“Robbed our table?”


“Want to rob my wife?”


One slap after another hit the snake’s face fiercely.

At this moment, the poisonous snake seemed to be stunned, even unable to parry.

He was staggered and beaten.

Retreat violently!

What is particularly terrifying is that his cheeks changed from red to blue, from blue to purple, and from purple to black.

In the blink of an eye, scarlet blood started to flow down from the cheeks of the poisonous snake, leaving his entire face torn open and his condition was miserable to the extreme.

Until the last slap, the poisonous snake was beaten up and fell to the ground with a thud.

He suddenly let out a scream:


“A**hole, you…you hit me! I’m the security manager of Shengshi Group, you hit me, you are finished!”

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