Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 649

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Chapter 649

They know what is the status of the Shengshi Group is.

Even if Shaun is a great master, he is nothing in front of the Shengshi Group, because Universal Group is behind it.

“Brother-in-law! You are here at on good time. This little beast was making trouble in our hotel, and he even smashed my face!”

“Brother-in-law, you must avenge me!”

A strong color of ecstasy flashed in the viper’s eyes.

The reason why he was bullying men and women and was arrogant and domineering in Shengshi Hotel was more because of his backer-brother-in-law He Sheng.

And now, Viper is sure that Shaun is over.

My brother-in-law will beat this kid to vent his hatred.

Not only a poisonous snake.

The fat man was equally ecstatic after seeing He Sheng’s arrival, and his gaze at Shaun and Elvira was full of abuse and playfulness.


After hearing the words of the poisonous snake, He Sheng’s complexion became more and more gloomy.

Then nodded:

“Okay! In that case, let me break your legs first!”


This sentence made Elvira and others almost scared to pee, while the poisonous snake and the fat man were ecstatic to the extreme.

However, the grinning smile on the face of the poisonous snake appeared.

He was stunned to discover that from the side of his brother-in-law He Sheng, a few brawny men walked up to him, and then pushed him to the ground.


The poisonous snake was crushed to the ground by two sturdy men.


After seeing this scene, the poisonous snake and the fat man, as well as all the security and welcoming personnel around, could not believe their eyes.

What, what’s going on?

The chairman He Sheng just said that he would break his legs, didn’t he meant Shaun?

Why is He Sheng’s brother-in-law’s poisonous snake being pressed to the ground now?

What is going on here?

At this moment, everyone was confused and could hardly believe their eyes.

“Grass! Let me go, you… what are you doing? I’m a viper, you have caught the wrong person!”

The poisonous snake didn’t wake up from consternation until this moment, and shouted at the two big men:

“I’m the chairman’s brother-in-law, are you crazy?”

“My brother-in-law asked you to break that kid’s legs. What are you doing with me?”

The viper screamed and roared, full of anger.

It just made him unbelievable that even after hearing his words, the two sturdy men behind him still didn’t let him go.


“Quickly stop them! They are disobeying your order so expel them!”

The roar of the poisonous snake was filled with unstoppable anger.

However, a scene that made him even more unbelievable appeared.

“They did not defy my orders!”

Chairman He Sheng’s eyes were icy.

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