Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 653

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Chapter 653

“The lady transferred the table that originally belonged to us to someone else!”

“That fat guy not only stole our table but also misbehaved with my wife!”

That’s it.

Shaun took a deep look at He Sheng and asked indifferently:

“Tell me, what should I do!”


These words fell in the ears of He Sheng, Fatty guy, and the lady at the front desk, and it was like a thunderstorm, making them almost scared to pee.


He Sheng didn’t understand what was going on until then, his face was scarred as pale as paper.

The fat man and the lady at the front desk had a tingling scalp.

That’s it!

This is revenge.

Thinking of this, the lady at the front desk fell to the ground with a bang.

Remorse, boundless remorse swept through her heart.

If she knew the identities of Shaun and Elvira, even if she was killed, she would not dare to transfer the table to the fat man.

“Come on!”

At this moment, He Sheng’s roar resounded.

His face was gloomy and almost dripping with water, and in his eyes, there was a fierceness that wanted to choose people to eat them.


When these words fell, a group of burly and powerful security guards stepped out.

“Do something with this fat man! Throw him out of the hotel and put his name on the permanent blacklist!”

After saying this, He Sheng turned to look at the lady at the front desk:

“And expel her from the city, she is not allowed to step into it!”


When He Sheng’s words fell, the fat man and the front desk lady were almost scared to pee.

When the two asked for mercy.

They saw a group of security personnel rushing towards them.

“No… don’t beat…”

The fat man screamed in horror, and he was crushed to the ground just as he uttered.

Especially, as a security officer, he swung down the baseball bat in his hand.



With two sticks in succession, the fat man’s calf was like rotten wood, and it snapped in an instant. The screams resounded endlessly in the lobby, making everyone horrified.

“My legs…ahhhh!”

Fatty’s whole body was trembling.

But this has not stopped.

The security officer firmly held the baseball bat in his hand, and then slammed down the fat man’s arm again.



There were two cracking sounds again, and the fat man’s hands snapped.

His limbs are gone!

This scene is cruel and crazy.

Fatty no longer had the arrogance and madness he had before. He was like a dead dog, bowing to the ground, screaming and shaking.

He is despair and there is regret in his heart.

If he knew Shaun’s identity then he couldn’t dare to provoke the devil Shaun.

But at this moment, no matter how much regret in his heart, it is already too late.

He and the front desk lady were framed by a group of tough security guards, and then as if dragging two dead dogs, they brought to the door of the hotel and threw them out.

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