Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 664

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Chapter 664


This scene stopped his movement.

Before he could react to what had happened, he heard the panic shouts of his companions nearby.

“Boss, your hand!!!”

In the voice of the companions next to him, there was boundless panic, as if they had seen a ghost.


When he looked at his arm, he was surprised to find it.


His palm, starting from his elbow, disappeared without a trace, and scarlet blood spewed out frantically from the broken flesh and blood.

This is more than that.

At this moment a majestic pain like a tide swept through the body from the elbow and suddenly made the young man scream frantically.

“Ahhhhh…no! My hand!”

This gangster first screamed and retreated in a hurry.

It was only then that he was horrified to find that the blood wolf in front of him had an extra steel wolf claw.

The ticking blood continuously flowed down from the wolf claw. On the ground, his forearms and palms remained.


The leading gangster was almost scared out of his mind. He couldn’t even dream of it. He didn’t even have time to react, so the beggar in front of him tore his arm with a steel wolf claw.


This guy is crazy!

“You broke my hand! I’m going to kill you.”

The gangster roared bitterly.

His face was full of hideousness, and he wanted to smash the blood wolf into thousands of pieces.

It’s just that his words haven’t been finished yet.


With a wave of the blood wolf’s palm, the blood-stained wolf claw flew out of the sky again.


When a sound of tearing flesh and blood came, the scene that made other gangsters scared to piss appeared.

They saw the neck of their boss, like rotten wood, torn apart by wolf claws.

A head flew into the sky.

Roll to the ground.


At this moment, the whole alley fell into a deathly silence.

Everyone couldn’t believe their eyes, especially his companions, their bodies completely frozen.

It wasn’t until the headless corpse of their boss slammed to the ground that other gangsters shuddered and reacted from the panic.

“Kill…killed! Help! Killed!”

There was a horrifying scream in their throats, and then they wanted to go behind and fled in a hurry.

However, the blood wolf smiled:

“Although I have lost my dantian, how can wait for humiliation!”

“Our murder game is not over, you must die!”

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