Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 667

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Chapter 667

But he didn’t know.

When his voice came, his fear spread.

This scene fell in the eyes of the four assassins, and it was like a blast of thunder, making the four assassins horrified to pee.

“Is the blood wolf afraid?”

“Oh my God, how is it possible! The blood wolf’s body is trembling, and he said that this man named Lin is here to kill him? Could it be that this man named Lin can kill the blood wolf?”

“No…impossible! Even if the blood wolf has lost his dantian, he is not something that ordinary people can deal with him easily. Even if someone is the top ten Jiangnan martial arts master, he can’t beat the blood wolf easily! How can he be afraid of this waste son-in-law named Lin? “


Can’t understand!

The four assassins looked at Blood Wolf and Shaun at this moment, only feeling like they were dreaming.



A cracking sound resounded, and the four assassins saw in horror that the cracking sound came from the steel wolf claw that Shaun grabbed!

Above the wolf claw, a crack emerged, and it got crushed.

It’s more than that!


There was another sound of breaking, resounded densely.

till the end!


The blood wolf’s steel wolf claw in Shaun’s hands was like a child’s fragile toy, completely shattered.


This scene caused the four killers to shake their bodies.

Familiar with!

They had a very familiar feeling about this scene, especially when they thought about it, a terrible idea came to the minds of the four killers.

“The assassination of Kelly! They remembered that Grandmaster Lin once grabbed the blood wolf’s wolf claw, and then he pinched it.”

“Yes…Yes! They also remembered that Grandmaster Lin squeezed that wolf claw! No way…You, look at this figure of Lin, are you familiar?”


The four assassins hurriedly looked at Shaun again.

After seeing Shaun’s thin figure.

His figure, unexpectedly, slowly merged with Grandmaster Lin, who was in the impression of the four killers.

The same!


One of the assassins, after discovering this, his whole body drained of all strengths, and he fell to the ground, completely paralyzed.

“Lin…Master Lin!”

“He is Grandmaster Lin! We were going to kill Grandmaster?”


The four assassins only felt their scalp numb at the moment, making them feel terrified.

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