Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 676

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Chapter 676


Seeing this scene, both brothers got extremely excited.

They didn’t expect to hear about the reward, their four bodyguards will kill Shaun in minutes.

Especially when they saw that Shaun Lin didn’t even react at all, as if he was scared and stupid, they got even happier.


At this moment, both brothers predicted the miserable scene of Shaun being pierced through his neck by four daggers.

“Die! Hahaha, this bastard is finally dying!” Cai Guoquan in the wheelchair was shaking with excitement.

It’s just that when he was smiling.

Bang bang bang bang!

Four dull voices resounded suddenly, and then both brothers saw that their four bodyguards seemed to be hit by a train, and they all flew back.


All fell to the ground.

One by one they started to vomit blood.

How can this be!

Both brothers almost suspected that they were blinded at this moment.

Especially, when they looked at a tower-like man who bounced back their bodyguards, the eyes of the two almost fell out.


In front of Shaun, there was another person who doesn’t know when appeared.

He is King Kong.

“Jin… Mr. King Kong! Why you are here.” Both brothers got dumbfounded.

They never thought that the person who shattered their bodyguards and saved Shaun would be their number one master in Yunhai.

However, this doesn’t stop.

Da da da!

Just after King Kong appeared, footsteps reverberated densely.

Then under the incredible sight of both brothers.

Fei Lao, Qi Lao, and other giants came together.

Underground giants such as Hutou and Crazy Wolf stepped in.


Ten people!

Twenty people!

Thirty people!

Seeing the big brothers and giants, both brothers turned pale with fright.

Because they were stunned to discover that everyone who came here was all big names, and they were also the guests who were going to attend the dinner tonight to welcome Grandmaster Lin.

A trace of bad feeling began to appear in the hearts of both brothers, making them tremble and panicking.

This is more than that.

Shaun Lin didn’t seem to be surprised by the appearance of King Kong and others.

He deeply kissed Elvira’s forehead, and then said to her:

“Wife, you go outside and wait for me!”

“I have to take care of something now!”


Elvira was taken aback, especially watching King Kong and the others, a deep worry flashed on her pretty face.

However, before she waited for more to say anything, aunt Shen Yuzhi who followed the crowd quickly stepped forward, pulled Elvira, and walked out of the box.

Until then.

In the entire box, only Shaun Lin was left from Jiangshi, and the rest are the upper-class bosses in Yunhai City.

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