Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 677

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Chapter 677

“Mr. King Kong, Mr. Fei! You, aren’t you up there preparing to meet Grandmaster Lin? Why are you people here?”

An embarrassed smile appeared on Cai Guofu’s face.

He was forcibly suppressing the panic and shock in his heart.

Cai Guoquan, who was next to him, didn’t think too much. Instead, he saw King Kong and others coming. As soon as his eyes rolled, he provoked the discord and said:

“Mr. King Kong, Mr. Fei! Have you seen this kid? He is from Jiangshi, but he doesn’t even look down on the big guys of Yunhai!”

“He broke my limbs and humiliated me. Please Mr. Fei kindly do something for me!”


When Cai Guoquan said this.

Layers of cold sweat broke out on the foreheads of Fei Lao, King Kong, and others.


These dozens of big giants, under the unbelievable sight of the Cai Guofu and his brother, they swept across Shaun Lin and bowed deeply:

“I’m guilty, please punish me, Grandmaster Lin!!!”

Dang This trembling sound resounded in the box.

Both brothers felt as if their heads were struck by lightning, making them completely bewildered.

What did they hear just now?

Lin…Master Lin?

How is that possible.

A trace of horror appeared on the faces of the two brothers. At this moment, they once again looked at the densely packed Yunhai city leaders who bowed and apologized to Shaun Lin.


Their scalp almost burst.

“He… he is Great Master Lin? The terrifying existence of who abolished the blood wolf with three moves? How is this possible!”

Cai Guofu was frightened.

He felt as his whole strength has been taken away from him, causing his legs to soften.

With a puff, he fell to the ground.

And Cai Guoquan in the wheelchair next to him, after seeing the scene where Fei and the others bowed to Shaun Lin, his body shivered.

It’s over.

Before they had spent a lot of money to buy an entry ticket for the party to get a glimpse of grandmaster lin, and even were eager to meet him.

What they don’t believe now is that not only they and offended Mr. Lin but also had tried to kill him.

Thinking of this Both brothers felt their scalp exploded, and boundless fear engulfed their hearts.

“Master Lin, Cai Guofu belongs to our Yunhai city. We just learned that both brothers had offended you and your wife!”

“For this matter, all of us Yunhai people are guilty. Please Master Lin Punish us all for this!” At this moment, Old Fei looked at Shaun Lin again, filled with deep guilt.

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