Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 680

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Chapter 680

In the corridor outside the box.

Elvira and her aunt Shen Yuzhi stood quietly by the window, waiting for Shaun and others to come out.

However, while waiting, Elvira was stunned to hear people saying ‘Master Lin’.

“Auntie, have you heard that someone is calling Grandmaster Lin?” Elvira’s eyebrows just frowned.

But there is no Master Lin in there.

After all, she knew that Grand Master Lin was the terrifying existence who saved Kelly.

He is a master.

How could he appear here?

What’s more confusing is, in the entire box, only Shaun’s surname is Lin.

Hearing Elvira’s words, aunt Shen Yuzhi’s mouth twitched fiercely.

She wanted to tell Elvira that her husband Shaun is Grand Master Lin, but when the words came to her lips, she could only swallow them back.

“Elvira, you must have heard it wrong! No one called Grandmaster Lin, I didn’t hear it at all!”

Aunt Shen Yuzhi replied with embarrassment.

Didn’t you hear?

Elvira frowned a little deeper and immediately suspected that she was a little auditory hallucination.

But at this moment.


Screams continued to come from inside the box.

In this voice, there is deep sorrow, despair, and boundless regret, as if the owner of the voice is suffering unimaginable torture.

“Auntie, this scream seems to be from the two brothers! Shaun wouldn’t do anything to them, right?”

“Furthermore, the two brothers are from Yunhai. I am afraid that Fei and the others will stand on the side of Cai Guofu and they will stand against Shaun!”

Elvira’s pretty face got slightly pale.

Just hearing this.

Aunt Shen Yuzhi even shook her head and said with a smile:

“Elvira, don’t worry! No one can hurt Shaun!”


Elvira looked at Shen Yuzhi’s self-confident appearance, and she got a little dazed.

She didn’t understand that her aunt had just met Shaun Lin before a day, how could she has such confidence in him.

Just when Elvira was thinking about it.

Da da da!

She heard the sound of footsteps, and then she saw Shaun walk out of the box.

Not only him but also Fei Lao, Qi Lao, and other giant figures in Yunhai City. They followed Shaun as if the stars were following the moon, which made Elvira more stunned.

“Shaun, are you okay?”

Elvira quickly greeted him and looked at Shaun up and down. After making sure that he had not suffered any harm, She got relieved.

At the moment she wanted to ask about both brothers, but thinking that Fei Lao was waiting for the Yunhai people beside her, she could only shut her mouth and stopped asking.

“Wife, don’t worry, I’m fine!”

Shaun Lin smiled, then rubbed Elvira’s hair and said with a smile:

“This time, our Yunhai’s purpose has been achieved, and we will leave tonight.”

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