Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 686

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Chapter 686

When they got out of the car, Bai Shan also noticed the Bai family. A trace of embarrassment appeared on his face, so he walked over to them.


“Second brother!”

Baishan greeted Mr. Bai and Shirakawa.

Mr. Bai snorted coldly, and he was too lazy to even look at his trash son.

Besides, a strong resentment appeared in Shirakawa’s eyes:

Yeah! Don’t call me your brother, you dare not. Don’t forget, due to your waste son-in-law I was arrested by the police.

Shirakawa’s words were full of sarcasm.

Upon hearing this, Baishan and Paula’s complexion became even more ugly.

This is more than that.

Shirakawa said:

“Youngest, are you not informed? I’m afraid that you are not qualified to meet that big man who is coming.”

“Look at our family, we have brought a precious painting worth millions of dollars. What do you have brought? “

Millions dollar painting!

Baishan and his wife were taken aback by the generosity of the Bai family.

However, they are not here to meet that big man.

“The second brother, you have misunderstood, you are right, we don’t have qualifications to meet that big man, actually Elvira and Shaun are coming back, we are here to meet them!” Bai Shan said bitterly.

“Hahaha… My third son, your son-in-law is rubbish. This time, he went Yunhai for nothing! He deserves it!” Yes! Uncle, the main road is block because the big man and Yunhai’s gaints are coming to Jianshi, so Elvira and Shaun wouldn’t able to make it today for sure!”

Many of the Bai family members sneered at the Baishan couple.

Can’t make it today?

Baishan frowned and said:

“But, Shaun just called and he said they are on the way than how they can’t make it?”

They are on the way?

Bai Shan’s words caused Bai family members to stop ridiculing.


Suddenly someone from the Bai family laughed again:

“Hahaha how funny, didn’t think that Shaun would deceive his in-laws.”

“Yes, now on road to Yunhai there are only twenty rolls Royces and a Mercedes Benz and all other vehicles are not allowed to enter on this road. So how can Shaun come back?”

“That guy is an unreliable trash!”

At the moment, many Bai family members laughed loudly.

In their eyes, it was obvious that Shaun has lied, and Baishan and Paula were waiting now.

The sounds of sarcasm resounded endlessly.

Hearing these voices, the expressions of Bai Shan and Paula became uglier.

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