Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 696

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Chapter 696

“Come on! What are you pile of trash doing! Kill this bastard!”

“Kill him!”

Wu Xuepeng cursed at the surrounding security guards in horror.

And this sentence made the bodies of the security guards tremble.

They held sticks one by one and wanted to pounce on him, but no one dared to come forward.

After all, Shaun’s trick has made them fearful.

“Come on! The one who will break this kid’s arm for me, I will reward him 100,000 yuan!”


When Wu Xuepeng’s crazy words fell, the surrounding security guards got shocked.

Every month, they only earn a few thousand yuan, they can’t make this much money even without eating or drinking.

And now…

All the security guards went crazy, they waved the electric batons in their hands rushed towards Shaun!

Suddenly, it was as if wolves pounced on the tiger, which shocked people.

Seeing this scene!

Elvira’s pretty face became paler, and dense cold sweat continued to flow down from her forehead.

On the faces of those Bai family members, there were thick and excited smiles.

“Hahaha! Beat this bastard as badly as possible! Cai Guofu took the money, but failed to do it, so his subordinates can do it well now!”

“Hey… I look forward to it! Okay! I want to hear the screams of this bastard Shaun!” The Bai family members were excited about Shaun being desperate.

At this moment, they seemed to have seen Shaun’s worse condition, screaming miserably.


Ten steps!

Five steps!

At this moment, dozens of security guards were getting closer to Shaun, and in the blink of an eye, they rushed in front of Shaun.

But just when the densely packed electric batons in their hands, they wanted to wave down fiercely at Shaun!

“Stop it! Stop it all!!”

A voice full of horror came from outside the building.


As soon as this remark came out, the surrounding security guards suddenly stopped.

Everyone turned around and saw that at the door of the building, a full five Mercedes-Benz luxury cars had stopped.

Three middle-aged men in a suit and leather shoes quickly walked out of the Mercedes Benz cars.

“Zheng… President Zheng? President Wang, and President Li…”

Seeing these people, Wu Xuepeng got shocked.

High-level officials!

All of them are high-level figures in the headquarters.

In particular, the person heading them is the second-in-chief of the headquarters, a business genius-Zheng Tian!

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