Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 698

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Chapter 698


In the eyes of the Bai family, rejecting Elvira was a normal thing.

Especially in the past, she wanted to buy the Blue Ocean Group, which was nothing less than a dream.

What a pity now!

The scene that happened in front of their eyes made every Bai family member unbelievable.

Wu Xuepeng was more surprised.

He looked at Zheng Tian with amazement and his voice trembled:

“Zheng you are mistaken, this woman wanted to buy Blue Ocean Building, chairman of the board refused to her!!”

Can not Believe it!

For Wu Xuepeng, he simply couldn’t accept that the woman in front of him would be his chairman.

Huh huh!

Everyone was looking at Zheng Tian.

And hearing this, Zheng looked at Wu Xuepeng coldly, and then said:

“Yes before Cai chairman, abstained Miss Elvira from acquiring this building.”

call ……

Upon hearing this, everyone took a long sigh of relief.

Sure enough, Cai Guofu rejected Elvira.

That is to say, Zheng Tian and others made a mistake.

But at this moment.

Zheng Tian’s words continued to pass.

“But now, Mr. Cai has transferred the Blue Ocean Building and all the properties under his name to Miss Elvira!”


Zheng Tian’s words caused everyone around him to breathe heavily again.

Everyone’s eyes got widened, they wondered as if they had heard it wrong.

Not only the Blue Ocean Building but also all the industries have been transferred to Elvira?

How is this possible?

Wu Xuepeng’s eyes almost fell out. He looked at Zheng Tian tremblingly, and asked in disbelief:

“Mr. Zheng, this is impossible! Mr. Cai told me before that the Blue Ocean Building is impossible to sell. Then how he had transferred!”

“Has she offered a sky-high price?”

Wu Xuepeng did not believe that Cai Guofu would sell the Blue Ocean Building even for the sky-high price.

Not only him!

All the Bai family members nearby looked at Elvira in the same way.

In their eyes, it is only possible for Elvira to get this building by offering a price that is difficult to refuse.

Especially Haibai and his son.

Their heads were blank for a while. Both father and son knew that Cai Guofu had already set the price of the Blue Ocean Building at 3 billion to embarrass Elvira.

If other industries under the name of Cai Guofu are added, Elvira will have to pay at least tens of billions to acquire all of them.

Tens of billions?

Is this possible?

At this moment, Haibai and his son looked at each other, and the two of them could see the deep awe in each other’s eyes.

All of a sudden.

Everyone in the hall just felt that their heart was beating violently. Even Elvira covered her small mouth in astonishment, with a face full of disbelief.

However, this does not stop.

“It’s not a sky-high price, but for free!”


When Zheng Tian’s words fell.


Everyone felt as if thunder lightning has struck them.

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