Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 703

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Chapter 703

“Oh my God, it turned out that the Bull Bureau personally led the team. It seems that this kid Shaun caused a disaster!”

“Humph! That’s natural! Don’t you think Xuepeng Wu has connections while working in the Blue Ocean Building?”

“Wait for a good show! This kid really deserves it!”

Many Bai family members laughed with all their faces.

Not only them!

After seeing Niu Yunkui, Xuepeng Wu was also full of excitement.

He knows Niu Yunkui and they had eaten together several times, so he is considered an acquaintance.

The other party sent out the police obviously to help him. Thinking of this, Xuepeng Wu hurriedly greeted him:

“Thank you so much! I didn’t expect that you would come in person!”

Xuepeng Wu’s face was full of ecstasy.

However, he did not see the deep contempt in Niu Yunquina’s eyes.

“Let’s talk, what’s going on?” Niu Yunkui asked lightly.

When he heard this, Xuepeng Wu immediately told the whole story while adding fuel.

After listening.

Niu Yunkui took a deep look at Xuepeng Wu’s arm with a playful look:

“It was your arm that he broke?”

“Yes! I want revenge!” Xuepeng Wu grinned with pain. With a pitiful face, he said to Niu Yunkui.

And seeing this scene, Niu Yunkui nodded even more:

“Don’t worry!” After saying said, Niu Yunkui grabbed Xuepeng Wu’s other arm, and then asked curiously:

“Is this arm okay?”


Whether it was Xuepeng Wu or the Bai family members around him, they got stunned.

They don’t understand, Niu Yunkui is not arresting Shaun instead he is asking whether Xuepeng Wu’s other arm is okay.

“Niu Ju! This arm is fine, you should…” Xuepeng Wu wanted to urge Niu Yunkui right now.

But his words are not finished yet!


A broken sound suddenly came, and under everyone’s stunned, Xuepeng Wu’s other arm was also broken…

Ahhhhh …” Xuepeng Wu trembled with pain and screamed repeatedly.

Both of his arms were completely broken.


Cold sweat started to flow from the forehead of Xuepeng Wu:

“Niu Yunkui what are you doing? Why you broke my other arm?!”


At this moment, not only Xuepeng Wu was dumbfounded, but the Bai family members beside him, including Elvira, couldn’t believe what they saw.

Isn’t Niu Yunkui is here to arrest Shaun?

How could he, like Shaun broke Xuepeng Wu’s other arm, how could it be possible?

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Just hearing this.

Niu Yunkui smiled coldly: “Criminal Xuepeng Wu, you dare to resist arrest! During your tenure as the general manager of Blue Ocean Building, you raped three women, including a minor woman! Also, you embezzled company funds up to five million! Now you are arrested!”

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