Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 714

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Chapter 714


When the words of the wolf fell, the other three were taken aback and looked at the old man’s fishing rod.

Until then, they couldn’t believe that there was no hook above the fishing rod!

How can this be!


At this moment, the four wolves only felt chill all over their body, and they ran straight into their foreheads from the soles of their feet.

You can fish without hooks!

This method, in the realm of the master, simply cannot be done.

In other words, this old man turned out to be a great master.

“Damn! He…he is the Blood Buddha! Grandmaster! Run!”

At this moment, the wolf felt his scalp numb for a while, screamed immediately, flashed away first, and wanted to run away.

The other three reacted, almost scared to pee.

All the four wolves at the moment, like frightened rabbits, flew to the side.

Their speed reached the highest limit at this moment.

But suddenly, the old man who was fishing seemed to see the four of them. He sighed softly, and the vicissitudes of life followed:

“Oh! Back then, my king once said to me!”

“Evil must be eliminated, and their roots must be eliminated!”

“You guys, want to go now? It’s too late!”


These words seemed to have the ability to penetrate the air, and they were instantly passed into the ears of the four northwest wolves, and the complexions of the four of them changed drastically, just as if they were being stared at by a demon.

It’s more than that!

The wolf turned his head and looked around, but was surprised to find that under the old man’s palm, the fishing rod without a hook made a buzzing sound, like lightning, swept toward the four.

“Not good! Be careful!”

The wolf screamed in surprise, and then he wanted to crawl to the ground.

But at this moment, the bloody scene that made him stunned appeared.


The speed of that fishing rod is almost to the extreme. Almost instantly it had flashed in front of the other three wolves.

The fishing rod seemed to be filled with extremely pure internal force, like a steel wire, very tough.

Facing the necks of the other three wolves, one stroke passed!

“Do not!!!”

The wolf let out a scream.

He suddenly saw that the bodies of his three brothers had completely frozen, and then their heads continued to roll down from their necks.


Headless bodies, under inertia, fell to the ground violently, blood flowed!


At this moment, the wolf only felt his scalp burst.

A fishing rod killed the three great masters. The strength of this bloody Buddha was far beyond the imagination of the wolf.

Especially, after he saw the fishing rod which killed his three brothers, he went straight to him in a flash.

The wolf is even bleaker!

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