Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 724

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Chapter 724


The expressions of Harper and others changed as soon as he said this.

Even a fool can see it and charge the ticket money. This is exactly what Shaun meant.

What is even more incredible is that Zhou Wanshan actually obeyed Shaun’s order, what is going on?

Harper and others were dumbfounded.

But Shaun turned his head and smiled at them, saying:

“Cousin! Cousin! Squad leader! Thank you for the ticket money, see you at the party!”

That’s it!

Shaun took Elvira with a bewildered look and walked inside the Caesar Hotel.

And when the two walked in.


The welcoming ladies all bowed to salute:

“Warmly welcome Mr. Lin and Miss Elvira!”

“Warmly welcome Mr. Lin and Miss Elvira!”

This reverent shout was extremely shocking.

It seemed that at this moment, Leng Shao was not the protagonist at all, and the real protagonist seemed to be Shaun and Elvira.

This is more than that.

Harper and others were surprised to find out.

After Shaun and Elvira walked into the hotel, the welcoming ladies rolled up the 100-meter-long red carpet again and put away the banner.

It seemed that whether it was a carpet or a banner, it was just to welcome Shaun and Elvira.

“This… how is this possible!”

Lin Guangyao swallowed his spit, and it was the first time he saw the Caesars Hotel welcoming guests with such high standards.

And this guest was Shaun who was looked down upon by him in every possible way.

This simply subverted his view.

“Let’s go in!” Harper next to him also looked ugly.

At the moment, he wanted to enter with his female companion to the Caesar Hotel.

Just at this moment!

“Mr. Harper, please pay the entry fee!”

An indifferent voice came, causing Harper’s body to tremble.

He saw that Zhou Wanshan and some other executives had already stopped in front of them, their eyes firmly nailed to them, full of strong hostility.


Do we really have to pay?

With a brush, Harper’s complexion almost dripped gloomily.

He glanced at Zhou Wanshan unwillingly, and then he could only take out six red notes from his wallet again, and he wanted to pass them to Zhou Wanshan.


“Sorry, Mr. Lin, your fee is 60,000! We accept cash, transfer, and online payment are not accepted!”


Hearing this, Harper’s face turned green with anger.

He could not believe that Shaun and Elvira only paid six hundred, and how could he has to pay sixty thousand!

“Boss Zhou, you are making a mistake! Just now Shaun only gave you 600 yuan!” Harper’s face was pale, staring at Zhou Wanshan, questioning.

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