Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 727

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Chapter 727


This scene caused a slight stagnation in the atmosphere between the four.

On Zhou Nan’s pretty face, there was a hint of jealousy, while Shaun’s eyes were slightly cold.

“Leng Shao, please respect yourself!”

Elvira’s face turned gloomy, and she said to Leng Bufan in disgust.

And seeing this scene, Leng Bufan let go of his hand with regret, and said apologetically:

“Sorry, Miss Elvira’s beauty makes me feel a little lost! I’m embarrassed!”


He even put the palm of his hand on the tip of his nose and sniffed deeply, as if it smelled like Elvira’s jade hand.

On his face, there was no apology.

This scene made Shaun’s expression even more gloomy.

He can see that Leng Shao was obviously hitting Elvira’s idea.

“Elvira, is this your husband?” Zhou Nan’s gaze turned, and he couldn’t help looking at Shaun next to him.

After seeing Shaun’s casual clothes, Zhou Nan’s eyes on the table could not help flashing a deep contempt, and even lightly comprehending the five noses, as if he was afraid that Shaun had an unpleasant smell.

“Yes… That’s right! He is my husband Shaun!” At this moment, Elvira’s pretty face was slightly pale, and she said directly.

Until then.

Leng Bufan’s gaze shifted away from Elvira’s body.

He looked at Shaun, and after seeing Shaun’s casual outfit, the corners of his mouth became richer:

“Tsk tusk! Miss Elvira, your husband’s name is so famous! This costume fits his name too well! Shaun, ordinary! Hahaha…”

Leng Bufan seemed to be making a joke and laughed after speaking.

Just after hearing his voice,

Those young Jiangshi talents around, wouldn’t let go of this pleasing opportunity, and all laughed and agreed:

“Hahaha… Miss Elvira, today is a grand dinner, your husband’s outfit looks too ordinary!”

“Oh! One is Shaun and the other is Leng Bufan! Sure enough, Master Bufan is the real protagonist, and Shaun is just a clown!”

“Oh…it’s a pity that such a flower was inserted on the cow dung! In my opinion, Elvira and Shao Leng are a match made in heaven!”


It’s noisy.

And among these voices, almost all of them were flattering words to Leng Bufan and mocking and attacking Shaun.

Hearing these words.

A wave of deep anger appeared in Elvira’s heart, she couldn’t help but grasped Shaun’s palm, and then said to everyone with a cold face:

“Sorry, my husband’s good, you can’t see it!”

“I am very satisfied with his dress! That’s enough!”


Elvira’s words did not show any mercy.

Suddenly, it seemed like a slap in the face, slapped fiercely on the faces of the surrounding guests, and immediately made everyone feel hot.


They didn’t expect that Elvira, a beautiful president, would actually protect her waste husband in this way.

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