Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 741

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Chapter 741

Not only her!

All the people there got completely stunned as they watched a red diamond ring falling on the ground.

This is surely a ring.

Crystal clear.


It is a diamond ring.


At this moment, the atmosphere in the box fell into deadly silence again.

Almost everyone was looking at Zhou Nan’s face with a ghostly look. Their expressions were extremely weird.

They couldn’t imagine that Zhou Nan had this diamond ring.

“No…impossible! I had put this ring in Elvira’s pocket myself.”

Zhou Nan murmured these words to herself and she suddenly covered her mouth.

And Leng Bufan next to her was so angry that sweat started to drip from his gloomy face, with a fierce look, wishing to eat Zhou Nan:

“You trash!”


Leng Bufan slapped Zhou Nan’s face fiercely, and suddenly a bright red print of hand appeared on Zhou Nan’s face:

“Now, go and apologize to Elvira!”

Leng Bufan is arrogant but he can’t violate the condition in front of all these people witnessing this scene.

If he did that he will become a joke for everyone.

After listening to Leng Bufan’s words, feel the fiery pain on her face.

Zhou Nan was completely scared to pee.

She quickly picked up the ring and put it on her finger and walked towards Elvira.


She knelt on the ground in front of Elvira:

“Elvira, I was wrong! I was the one who did the wrong thing and blamed you! Please forgive me!”

Deep resentment and unwillingness flashed on Zhou Nan’s face.

It’s just that even if she is unwilling she can’t disobey Leng Bufan.

And at this moment!

After seeing this scene, Elvira still did not react to the shock.

She couldn’t believe that Zhou Nan, who was arrogantly cursing at her a while ago, knelt at her feet like a dog.

“Zhou… Zhou Nan! Get up! I don’t blame you!”

Elvira has a kind heart.

She couldn’t tolerate an old classmate pleading to her, and she immediately helped Zhou Nan up.


When Elvira just helped Zhou Nan, she saw Leng Bufan next to her, a cruel expression flashed on his face, and said coldly:

“Okay! Now the diamond ring has been found! Then let’s calculate another account!”

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