Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 743

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Chapter 743

They have heard that the strength of the six Lingnan evil spirits is extremely high.

Even real masters cannot defeat the five quasi-grand masters.

And now, Shaun is just a person.

How Shaun can compete with them?

At this moment, everyone around Shaun’s was in the ewe.

In their eyes, Shaun facing the Five Fiends alone was a mortal situation.

However, this still does not stop.

Leng Bufan glanced greedily at Elvira’s hot figure, and his smile became eviler:

“Boy, if you win, you can set a condition at will, I will say nothing!”

“But if you lose, then you have to leave your wife!”


Hearing this, all the Jiangshi people around got startled again.

They fully understood the situation.

Leng Bufan is doing everything for Elvira!

In the beginning, he talked with Shaun about Elvira.

Let Zhou Nan frame it for Elvira, and now he has made things difficult for Shaun!


All of a sudden, the talents around him were extremely contemptuous of Leng Bufan’s character.

They want Shaun to win this fight to gain face for himself and Jiang Shi.

Elvira’s face was as pale as paper.

She realized that it is her who had put Shaun in danger again.

“Shaun, don’t promise him! You can’t beat them at all.” In Elvira’s beautiful eyes, a thick mist of anxiety appeared.

She didn’t want Shaun to take risks for her anymore.

Hearing this.

Shaun rubbed Elvira’s head gently, and said with a smile:

“Wife, don’t worry!”

That’s it!

He turned his gaze and brushed it, staring at Leng Bufan.

Dense! Terrible!

Shaun’s gaze at the moment seemed to have a terrifying magical power, and the surrounding temperature suddenly dropped to a freezing point.

Especially Leng Bufan, seeing Shaun’s sharp eyes like a knife, he only felt as if he was being stared at by a demon.

It made him nervous.



Leng Bufan went back several steps, his face got pale, and he couldn’t believe that a person can be this terrifying.

“I have tolerated you many times because you are a member of Shengshi Group!”

“But you’re not worthy of it!”

Shaun stared at Leng Bufan, laughing terrifyingly.

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