Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 745

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Chapter 745

The same is true for the three evil spirits next to them.

“Hey! Boy, you shattered our elder brother’s fist! So it is your term now!”


The words of the five evil spirits of Lingnan at this moment had a ferocious taste.

When it fell in the ears of everyone around, it made everyone’s scalp numb.

Five people will for sure break Shaun’s legs!

For a moment!

The people around looked at Shaun’s gaze, and they felt pity to the extreme. In their eyes, no matter how strong Shaun was, at this moment he would only end up being slaughtered by the five evil spirits.

Elvira next to him was even more frightened.

Tears rolled down from her beautiful eyes:

“Shaun, I beg you, hurry up! I don’t want to see you being killed, I don’t want…”



Elvira also didn’t believe that Shaun could survive in the hands of the five Lingnan evil spirits. After all, even the evil names of the other five were too terrifying.

And if something happened Shaun, then what is the meaning of her being alive.

The dense tears wet Elvira’s pretty face.

And seeing this scene, Shaun’s heart trembled slightly.

He stretched out his hand to help Elvira wipe the tears on her face, and the fighting intent in his eyes became more and more turbulent:

“Wife, they made you cry! Damn it!”


Shaun’s words stunned Elvira.

And just before she understood what Shaun meant.


Elvira was surprised to find that after Shaun wiped off the last teardrop on her pretty face, he seemed like a phantom, and suddenly disappeared.

Fast! Fast! Fast!

Shaun’s speed was so fast that everyone in the box couldn’t believe their eyes.

In the eyes of everyone around, Shaun simply disappeared out of thin air, almost falling out of everyone’s eyes.

And the next murderer was a big loss for Shaun.

From the very beginning, his gaze was fixed on Shaun.

And until this moment!

Seeing Shaun’s figure disappear, Yixiu’s complexion suddenly changed:

“Be careful, this guy has attacked!!!”

There was a tremor in the fierce voice.

After he was shattered by Shaun’s fist, he had already put away all the contempt for Shaun in his heart, knowing that this person’s strength is comparable to a master’s.

But now he was shocked to discover that not only his strength but Shaun’s speed has reached the level of a master.

And with a fierce exit reminder.

The Lingnan Five Fiends next to him were also taken aback for a moment. The moment they found Shaun disappeared, they suddenly felt a cold gust of wind sweeping toward the five of them!

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