Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 748

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Chapter 748

Seeing this scene.

Shaun wasn’t worried at all, but the bloodthirsty arc at the corner of his mouth became more intense:

“You want me to die?”

“Then I will fulfill your wish!”

As these words fall!

Shaun’s fists almost resembled lightning, and he swung away at the fists of attackers.

Seeing this scene, Leng Bufan became even more nervous.

They are hopeful for something interesting.

“Abolish him! He must be abolished! I don’t believe him, he can’t face the attack of two murderers at the same time!”

Sweat dripped on his cold forehead.

His whole body is completely tense.

And just when he only felt his heart, it was about to stop beating.



Two loud sounds came, but they were the iron fists of the murderers. After colliding with Shaun’s fists, they all smashed into pieces!

It’s more than that!

After Shaun smashed the fists of the two murderers with his fists, the fists of the other two murderers had already hit the top of his head.

However, he didn’t dodge, he watched the two fierce iron fists, slamming on his head.

“Die for us!!!”

The two fierce faces were ferocious and cruel.

At this moment, they had used their punch to the extreme, striving to take advantage of the gap between their two brothers’ fist blasts to kill Shaun.


Punch hit!

“Sheng was it successful?”

When they saw that the fists of two evil men were shattered by Shaun, the fists of the other two evil men fell behind Shaun’s head.

Leng Bufan and the others got extremely ecstatic.


He is gone!

Leng Bufan and others felt that their palms were covered with sweat.

However, just a hint of joy appeared on their faces and it solidified immediately.


They were stunned to see that after the second murderer’s punch hit Shaun’s head, his arm seemed to have been under the force of boundless horror, and it was completely broken.


The second evil screamed sternly.




The dull sound of the falling.

Two, three, four!

All their arms broke and fell to the ground severely.

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