Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 759

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Chapter 759

As time passed slowly!

A new headline became a sensation in Jiangshi.

The son of Leng Kang, the president of Shengshi Group, was attacked by Shaun of the New Bai Group in Jiangshi and suffered a severe blow.

Shao Leng issued an order that all groups which will cooperate with the New Bai Group will become the enemy of the Shengshi Group.


As soon as this news came out, the whole of Jiang City was in an uproar.


Countless upper-class people suspect that the New Bai Group and Shaun are crazy at this moment, and they thought that not obeying Leng Bufan’s order will destroy them.

Suddenly, many of the groups which were planning to establish cooperation with the New Bai Group all canceled.

The bad news of the New Bai Group almost swept the entire Jiangshi business community.

Everyone thought that the New Bai Group will finish.

It’s just that this news has not yet been calmed down.

Another sensational news blasted Jiangshi.

Three days later!

The fierce master, Bloody Buddha, will come to Jiang City to challenge Grandmaster Lin and avenge his disciple Blood, Wolf!


Bloody Buddha!

After the name came, countless martial arts masters in Jiang City got nervous.


The name Bloody Buddha has made countless Chinese fighting masters frightened, and almost everyone was terrified to hear about his arrival to Jiang City.

This is more than that.

After the news of Bloody Buddha’s coming to Jiang City broke out, another news swept through.

Great Master Leng Aotian is intending to come to Jiang City to slay the Bloody Buddha!

The Great Master Helanshan declared that he would leave the Bloody Buddha in Jiang City and bury his bones here!

The masters in Jiangnan were all disturbed.

Suddenly, Jiang City got surged.

Master Lin, Bloody Buddha, Leng Aotian, Helen Mountain!

Almost everyone is looking forward to seeing the four great masters three days later.

This has also made Jiangshi a storm point for the entire Jiangnan Province, and countless masters in Jiangnan want to come to Jiangshi to witness this war.

As for Shaun, he didn’t care at all.

He is still doing odd jobs regularly at home. It seems that this thing has nothing to do with him.


Two days quietly passed.

When Shaun and Elvira were busy in the Blue Ocean Building, they got completely disturbed by a phone call.

It was Baishan.

When the call got connected, there was a noise of whistles of cars and the noise of passersby from the phone, as well as the sound of Baishan almost crying.

Paula had a car accident!

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