Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 761

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Chapter 761


From the ambulance, two paramedics and an emergency doctor walk down.

After the emergency doctor stepped forward to check Paula’s leg, he said to the two caregivers next to him:

“The patient’s leg has broken, so please get her into the car!”

Hearing the instruction, the two caregivers were about to lift Paula to put her on a stretcher.

However, at this moment, Shaun took a closer look at Paula’s leg wound, his complexion changed slightly:

“Wait a minute!”

After speaking, he immediately stepped forward and stopped the two caregivers.


This scene not only caused the doctor and the nurse to be taken aback, but even Elvira and Baishan also turned their heads in doubt.

“Who are you? Why are we stopping us from treating patients!” The doctor shouted angrily, filled with deep dissatisfaction.

Shaun did not speak.

Instead, she stepped forward and took a closer look at Paula’s broken leg. Then he said:

“I am her son-in-law! You can’t carry my mother-in-law on a stretcher now. You must fix the bone first! Otherwise, her leg will be completely Discarded! “


As soon as Shaun’s words came out, everyone around got confused.

Must fix the bone first?

Otherwise, she will become paralyzed?

Everyone looked at Shaun at this moment, as if they were looking at a fool.

“Nonsense! The patient’s leg has broken and there is no other problem. It is too late to go back to the hospital to get a bone!” The doctor looked at Shaun with anger:

“Also, this is a waste of time. If the injured person bled too much, will you bear the responsibility?”

The doctor said, righteously.

Upon hearing this, Elvira also complained to Shaun dissatisfiedly:

“Shaun, what are you doing! You are not a doctor, so let them take our mother to the hospital!”

Not only Elvira, but Baishan also thought that Shaun was talking nonsense, and said dissatisfied:

“Shaun now is not when you are in the limelight, your mother’s injury is the most important thing!”

In Baishan’s view, his son-in-law said this at this time, obviously for the sake of being limelight. That’s it.

This made Baishan extremely disappointed.


Shaun didn’t care about them. He turned Paula’s broken leg slightly outwards, pointed at a sharp bone spur, and said to the doctor:

“You are an emergency doctor, can’t you double-check it? “

“My mother’s broken bone has stuck to the aorta, with the random movement it will not only pierce the aorta, but even the bleeding also will not stop! “


Hearing this, the doctor’s complexion changed slightly.

He hurried forward and took a closer look.

After he saw the position where the sharp bone spurs were against, his face suddenly turned pale as paper.

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