Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 765

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Chapter 765


Everyone was stunned.

Only then did they discover that the emergency doctor seemed to have forgotten what happened just now as if all of his coordinated movements had been manipulated under Shaun’s hypnosis.

This made everyone even more confused.

However, he didn’t wait for them to remind him.

The emergency doctor screamed in horror:

“No… impossible!”

“The broken bone is healed!”

The broken bone healed?

When the emergency doctor’s incredible voice came.


Like a burst of thunder, it shocked everyone around him.

A 30-second bone fixation method is something that the director of the Ivan Chinese and Western Hospital cannot do.

And now, how this young man in front of him easily able to do it?



At this moment, everyone looked at Shaun as if they have seen a ghost, their eyes filled with a thick dazed and shock.

This is more than that.

At this moment, the emergency doctor seemed to recall what he had just done.

While staring at Shaun with shock, his voice trembled and asked:

“I just pressed your five fingers for pulse pressure?”

Shaun nodded.

“It was you who took the bone in 30 seconds?”

Shaun nodded again.

After confirming that everything he remembered was true, the emergency doctor almost fell to the ground.

“Oh my God! It’s a success! It took 30 seconds to treat the bone! This is incredible!”

“Also, he seemed to be hypnotized now.”

The emergency doctor frowned at this moment.

And the more he thought about it, the colder his back became, and the mystery and fear of Shaun filled his heart.


Shaun was not interested in his inner drama, and said to the two nurses at this moment:

“Now you can carry my mom on a stretcher!”

“Ok… OK! Now!”

The two nurses were still in illusion due to the recent shock.

Both looked at Shaun with amazement in their eyes.



As if looking at a devil.

As Paula was put into the ambulance, Shaun, Elvira, and Baishan also hurriedly got in.

In the beeping whistle, he began to drive quickly towards the Ivan Chinese and Western Hospital.

When the ambulance came to the Chinese and Western Hospital.

The severe pain in Paula’s leg has slowly begun to fade, and she has slowly woke up.


After she heard everything, Paula looked at Shaun with tears.

These are tears of excitement, gratitude, and relief.

“Mom! Go in and put a cast for you in a while and fix the injured bone, you will be completely safe!” Shaun said to Paula with a slight smile.

Hearing this, Paula’s heart was even warmer, and she nodded fiercely:

“Shaun, Thanks for your hard work!”

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