Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 768

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Chapter 768


Shaun’s words caused He Jiaojiao and her companion who were about to leave to stop.

Can’t walk out of the hospital?

The two turned to look at Shaun, and after a brief silence, they suddenly blossomed with joy.

“Hahaha… useless things, can you only talk ruthlessly?”

“The same as your mother? You mean, my leg will be broken by someone? Hahaha…A joke, we are here to see the genius doctor Lin. Even if someone brokes my leg Doctor Lin will cure me immediately !”

He Jiaojiao laughed at Shaun and the others and then didn’t bothered about it.

At that moment, they walked into the hospital.

It’s not just He Jiaojiao.

At this moment, even Baishan, Elvira, Paula, and even the emergency doctor thought that Shaun was just saying a ruthless remark that didn’t work at all, anything more.

“Shaun, forget it! She is the granddaughter of Helen Mountain, we can’t offend her!” Paula said to Shaun with a deep bitterness on her face at this moment:

“It is okay, my legs will be fine in some days!”

Not only Paula.

Elvira also said to Shaun:

“Shaun, don’t be impulsive! Forget it!”


Elvira and Baishan and others shook their head bitterly.

He Jiaojiao!

They can’t afford to offend, they can only hide!

But they didn’t know that in Shaun’s heart, He Jiaojiao had become a useless person.

At the moment, he didn’t say much.

After sending Paula to the ward.

Shaun immediately found an excuse to go to the bathroom, and then headed to the top floor of the hospital.

When he reached the top floor, he suddenly saw Gao Zhiyuan in the corridor, pacing back and forth holding a mobile phone in his hand, seeming to hesitate who to call.

And when he saw Shaun, he was immediately ecstatic:

“Mr. Lin, you are here just at on right time!”

“There is something here. I originally wanted to call Miss Elvira and ask you to come!”

Gao Zhiyuan didn’t know what happened before.

And hearing this.

The corner of Shaun’s mouth twitched, and he said in a harsh tone:

“You wanted to call me, because of a woman named He Jiaojiao who wants to see me!”


Hearing this, Gao Zhiyuan got stunned.

He did not expect that before he said anything, it would be explained by Shaun.

“Yes! Genius Doctor Lin, that He Jiaojiao is the granddaughter of Grandmaster He Lanshan!”

“This time she is here to seek a prescription for a beauty treatment!”

Gao Zhiyuan said with joy.

After all!

The other party is the granddaughter of Grandmaster Helan Mountain. If wants to form a good relationship with the other party, it will be beneficial for him without any doubt.

However, what made Gao Zhiyuan a little dazed was.

After hearing these words, Shaun didn’t seem to be surprised or joyful at all. Instead, his expression changed.

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