Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 804

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Chapter 804

“Damn bastard!”

The ominous premonition of a trace of fright instantly surfaced in Blood Wolf’s heart.

He almost didn’t hesitate at all. After finding that a hit was missed, he wanted to flee back violently.

But something that made him even more shocked appeared.

Shaun’s palm was like a cast of ten thousand years of profound iron.

No matter how hard he exerted his strength, it was difficult to break his fist out of Shaun’s palm.


This scene completely panicked the blood wolf.

But just when he wanted to continue to break free.

He saw that Shaun’s gaze finally turned from the body of the Bloody Buddha.



In the eyes of Blood Wolf, Shaun’s eyes showed endless indifference from above, as if he were in his eyes, like a provocative and crawler.

“One move?”

Shaun said faintly, and then nodded:

“Okay! I will fulfill your wish!”


The blood wolf was startled but did not understand what Shaun meant.

But at this moment.

He only felt a huge force as if overwhelming, swept from the palm of Shaun’s hand.

The blood wolf just felt like a wooden stick, following Shaun’s arm with a wave.

Pulled up his whole life.

Then he slammed him against the ground!


The blood wolf’s body, like a torn sack, was severely thrown on the high platform.

Click, click.

The tile floor on the high platform sank in an instant, and rubble was flying.

The flesh of the blood wolf smashed a big hole.


The blood wolf was smashed into the pit, and scarlet blood spurted out of his mouth.

He only felt his bones as if they were about to shatter, and he trembled with pain.

It’s just compared to the pain in the flesh.

The crit on his mind was even stronger.

“One… one trick?”

“How could this be! How he can be this strong?”

The blood wolf was lying in the big pit, and a trace of scarlet blood continuously spilled out along the corner of his mouth.

It’s just that his eyes are dizzy, filled with thick disbelief and doubt of life.

More than him!


At this moment, all the sounds in the entire stadium have disappeared.

One after another, they looked at the pothole on the high platform and the figure who was smashed into the pothole.

The voices of everyone sucking in cold air, one after another.

“I… am I hallucinating? Blood wolf got defeated?”

“Impossible, I am dazzled, how can Grandmaster Lin resist the blood killing punch? How could he smash a living person into the ground like a toy? How is this possible! “

“Crazy! This… is this world crazy?”

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