Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 815

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Chapter 815

Haibai was equally unwilling.

And just after he finished speaking, he saw that the exit had been opened, and one by one, big bosses came out of it.

“Grandpa is coming!”

After seeing an old man in the crowd, Haibai and his son were overjoyed and hurriedly greeted him.

“Dad, did you see Shaun inside? This bastard didn’t know what method he used, but he also got in!” Haibai walked to the old man’s side at this moment and asked eagerly.


Hearing this, the face of Mr. Bai got scared white.

Shaun is here?

Originally, Grandpa Bai was still wondering whether Shaun was Grandmaster Lin, the terrifying king of blood prison.

And now…

He was almost seventy percent sure.

“I saw someone like Shaun, but I’m not sure!” Old Grandpa Bai said with a gloomy face.

And hearing this.

Haibai became angrier:

“Dad! Why don’t you call Shaun’s identity, so the two great masters of Leng Aotian and Helenshan will peel the skin of this kid!”


Hearing this, the corner of Mr, Bai’s mouth twitched fiercely.

If Shaun is really Grand Master Lin, then Leng Aotian and Helenshan will be scared to pee, let alone peeling his skin.

“Yeah, grandpa, that Shaun is a dog thing that caused my father and me to be thrown out by the security guards! We have lost our face!” Harper said angrily:

“When I go back, I must use the Bai Group to retaliate against Shaun!”


This sentence scared Mr. Bai.

He was angry and immediately slapped on Harper’s face.


The slap of Mr. Bai contained his anger and made a heavy move.

instantly, a bright red palm print appeared on Harper’s cheek.

This is more than that.

Grandpa Bai was trembling with anger, and said viciously:

“Shut up!”

“You little beast, I tell you, you are not allowed to trouble Shaun in the future! Otherwise, I will peel your skin first!”


Harper got completely confused.

Especially, when both father and son saw the panic and scared face of Mr. Bai, they both got completely dumbfounded.

What…what’s going on?

When the old man entered the gymnasium, he still dismissed Shaun and even waited for Shaun to be abolished by Leng Aotian and Helen Mountain, so that the Bai family could annex the new Bai group.

And this was just an hour ago.

Why did the old man suddenly changed his mind?

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