Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 822

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Chapter 822

“That’s right! Shameless, this yard is ours too, but Young Master Gao paid a lot of money! Since you don’t leave, we will lose our money!”

“Huh! Brother Feng! What can I do with them! Scratch the face of that little girl in the film, and then throw the old and the young into the mass graves, let them fend for themselves!”

Have to say!

The words of these people are extremely vicious.

It seemed to them that the lives of the blind mother and Xun’er were cheaper than grass.

The wicked young man who was heading them took out a dagger from his arms and walked towards Xun’er with a grinning face.

Da da da!

The sound of his footsteps, like the sound of a demon approaching, changed the face of the blind woman.

“No! Xun’er, run! Run! This beast will ruin you! Go!”

The blind mother seemed to protect a chick, guarding Xun’er behind her and kept her leaving quickly.


Although Xun’er’s face was full of horror, she still didn’t want to leave:

“Mother, I can’t run! If I run away, these beasts will kill you! They will do everything for this yard!”

Xun’er is scared!

She is not only afraid of being hurt, she is also afraid that her mother will be killed by these beasts in front of her.

If it weren’t for her these few days, she would rather suffer the pain of being scratched on her cheeks rather than a runaway, for fear that the blind woman would have killed long ago by these shameless descendants.

“Hey! Damn girl, you dare to scold me!”

“Okay! That being the case, I will put a few more scars on your face today! Let you be nosy!”


The evil young man has come to the side.

He stretched out his palm and grabbed Xun’er’s thin arm, and the dagger in his backhand slashed towards Xun’er’s scarred face.

“Do not……”

Xun’er’s horrified scream resounded.

Her eyes were as clear as water, with deep fear and despair.

I could only watch, that sharp dagger struck my cheek.

Do you want to add new scars again?

The corner of Xun’er’s mouth was full of bitterness.

There are new scars every day, and she is afraid that in this life, she will never have the face to see her big brother whom she worships like a god.


Suddenly, the dagger had been drawn in front of Xun’er.

Even Xun’er could already feel the sharp chill of the dagger as if to cut the skin on her face again.

But at this moment!


Xun’er’s closed eyes frowned.

Because she just felt the chill of the dagger, but she didn’t have the slightest pain of cutting.

This…what is going on?

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