Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 831

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Chapter 831


And just when he was confused.

He suddenly saw that the doors of the black cars opened.

A strong man with nearly a hundred big men in white clothes walked down from one of the cars.

The brawny man heading them is Gouye.

But there is more to it!


After Gouye and others walked down, the front door of another black car also opened.

Then, a middle-aged bald head man got out of the car.

Seeing him.

Gao Shengyuan and the evil young man next to him couldn’t believe their eyes.

“Knife…Master Knife!!!”

That’s right!

The bald middle-aged man in front of them is the boss of the Gouye and the master of the North District-Dao Ye!

Gao Shengyuan and others got completely shocked.

They knew that Master Dao was underground for a long time, and he had handed over most of his business to Gouye.

Gao Shengyuan has visited him several times with generous gifts but was rejected.

Gao Shengyuan couldn’t believe how Dao Master appeared here.


It’s more than that!


At this moment, under the shocking sight of Gao Shengyuan and others.

Master Dao led the Gouye, as well as a hundred elites from the North District, came forward.

They walked in front of Shaun.


Master Dao and Gouye bowed deeply to Shaun:

“Mr. Lin!!!”

“Mr. Lin!!!”


When these words fell, the surrounding got completely silent.

Gao Shengyuan, the young evil man, and all their companions couldn’t believe their eyes.


Especially Dao Ye, the head of the North District underworld with his elite subordinates such as Gouye, how is this possible.

“Mr. Lin? No…no! He’s just a son-in-law of the Bai family! How can he be qualified to let Master Dao bow to him?”

Gao Shengyuan seemed to have seen a ghost at this moment, his face was filled with deep horror.

For him, the scene before him was completely incomprehensible.

More than him!

The young evil man and others next to him were completely scared to pee.

“God… my god, this lunatic knows Master Dao?”

“Impossible! Isn’t Master Dao the ruler of the North District? What kind of identity does this guy have to let Master Dao knelt?”


For them, the scene before them is almost like a dream.

However, this does not stop.

Immediately words that made them more frightened came into their ears.

“Mr. Lin, we have been waiting for you in silence since you first entered into the North District!”

Master Dao respectfully said to Shaun.


When this remark came out, it shocked Gao Shengyuan and the others.

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