Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 847

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Chapter 847


Cruel! Spicy!

In particular, the sentence that life is better than death made Elvira’s expression a wave of deep anger.

“You…you deceived people too much! you caused all this by yourself! Why do you want to harm my husband!”

Elvira flushed with anger.

And heard this.

The corners of Leng Bufan’s mouth showed a touch of sorrow:

“Why? With our strong power, with our financial strength!”


He glanced at Shaun abruptly before continuing:

“Also, Shaun! Are you not good at fighting? But do you know that my grandfather is a great master!”

“Today, my grandfather did not come, but his old man asked me to bring you a word! That is, you have two choices, one is to abolish your limbs, and my grandfather is forgotten! Second, it is my grandpa who came in person and abolished Your meridians make you a vegetative forever!”


Leng Bufan’s words made everyone’s complexion change drastically.

This is a threat from Great Master Leng Aotian!

In an instant, Harper, Shen Jie, Lin Guangyao, and others behind, as well as Gao Shengyuan’s face, could not help showing a strong expression of excitement and pleasure.

This bastard is finally going to play himself to death?

Thought of this!

The faces of the four of them were full of anticipation as if they could not wait to see the miserable appearance of Shaun being abolished.

And Zhou Nan!

At this moment, he looked at Elvira with a pity on his face, his face was full of sarcasm and playfulness, and said lightly:

“Elvira, please persuade your husband! It’s best to let him do it himself, otherwise, if Grandmaster Leng comes personally, then your husband will be overall his life!”

Zhou Nan knew how much Leng Aotian hated Shaun. After all, this guy who was dead had almost kicked Leng Bufan’s lifeblood to pieces.

Hear Zhou Nan’s threat.

On Elvira’s pretty white face, dense cold sweat appeared.

How to do it?

What should we do now?

Although she knows that Shaun can fight, but the opponent is a great master?

Shaun is in the opponent’s hands, and by then the end will be even more miserable.


This threat is only the beginning.

He Jiaojiao next to him also smiled coldly:

“Hey! It’s not just Grandpa Leng, my grandpa Helenshan has also spoken! They both are not going to let this bastard wander freely.”


Death threats from the two great masters.

These are just the horrible names with whom anyone can fear offending.

And now…

“Lin…Shaun, why don’t you listen to them! Otherwise, if the two great masters come, you will lose your life!” A senior of the New Bai Group persuaded Shaun.

And beside!

The rest of the senior management also spoke up.

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