Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 89

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Chapter 89

“Shaun! Elvira’s husband!” As the second aunt said this, the sarcasm on her face became more intense.

And this sentence made all the Shen family around him burst into laughter.

“Hahaha…Second aunt, you’re really joking, who doesn’t know, Shaun is the most scrap son-in-law in Jiang City?”

“Yes, second aunt, if this Mr. Lin is a bright moon in the sky, then Shaun, at best, is just an ant on the ground, how can you compare?”

“Hey, don’t tell me, if Shaun is Mr. Lin, then we will be slapped in the face!”

“That waste is Mr. Lin? Cut! What a joke, if he really is, then I can eat three tons of S!”


The Shen family laughed and laughed.

It’s just that their words are full of worship for Mr. Lin and contempt for Shaun.

However at this moment.

Elvira and her family was stunned.

“That person seems to be… Shaun?” Elvira screamed while covering her mouth.


As soon as she said these words, all the ridicule around her stopped abruptly.

Many Shen family members turned their heads to look at Elvira in amazement.

“Elvira, do you mean that Mr. Lin is your husband?”

Everyone looked at Elvira as they saw a ghost.

And said this.

Elvira’s eyebrows furrowed tightly. After all, she was too far away from the Caesar Hotel. The Mr. Lin just saw was not that much clear.

It’s just that this figure resembles Shaun, but she can’t be sure.

“I…I’m not sure, just looking at the back of that Mr. Lin, which looks very similar to my husband…”

Elvira said to everyone in a panic.

Very similar?

After everyone was stunned, a deep contempt appeared on their faces:

“Cut! Elvira, stop dreaming, what kind of stuff your husband is, don’t you know yourself?”

“Yeah, if he is so awesome, how could he be a crap son-in-law in your house for three years!”

“Hahaha… Laughing at her, Shaun is very much like Mr. Lin, this is definitely the funniest joke I have ever heard.”

Many Shen family members laughed.

And this line of ridicule fell in Elvira’s ears, immediately making her ashamed and embarrassed.


How could Shaun be that Mr. Lin?

After all, so many Rolls-Royce, so many powerful bodyguards.

Thinking of this, Elvira couldn’t help but shook her head with a smile, and immediately threw the idea that Shaun was Mr. Lin out of her mind.


Under the excited gaze of everyone, Mr. Lin was walked into the Caesars Hotel by Liu Zhen and a group of big men.

When everyone in the Shen family saw that there was nothing to see, they all walked back to their positions.

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