Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 899

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Chapter 899

“You…you are the genius doctor Lin? Excuse me, is Mr. Baishan your father-in-law?”

At this moment, Tian Zhang stared at Shaun as if looking at a god.


Hearing this, Ye Tian next to him was slightly taken aback.

My master, what are you doing?

Is he going to challenge Shaun?


Thinking of this, Ye Tian’s spirit suddenly shocked.

After all, his master just lost his face, so how could it be fixed, now he is confirming Shaun’s identity to challenge him again.

Not only Ye Tian.

The seniors and others next to him were also solemn.

Although Zhang Tianyi has stumbled and lost face just now, so he can’t challenge himself.

Thinking of this.

The elder Gao and others looked at Zhang Tianyi and became more alert.

Only Shaun.

He heard Zhang Tianyi know his father-in-law Baishan, he was slightly startled, but he nodded indifferently:

“Yes! Baishan is my father-in-law!”



When he heard Shaun admitting, the old man Mai Yi could almost instantly conclude that Shaun was the master who made the medicinal meal against the sky, that is Megatron Global, who was made a god by all the healers-the Bone Sage!

“No… I didn’t expect you to be this young!”

Zhang Tianyi finished talking excitedly.

Then he pushed Jinshan, down the Yuzhu, and knelt down in front of Shaun:

“Medical Junior Zhang Tianyi meets senior!”


Hearing this, everyone around got silent.

Everyone’s face was filled with a thick blankness and consternation.

What did they hear?

Medical Junior Zhang Tianyi?

Has met senior?

Nest… Nest grass!

Everyone can hardly believe their ears at this moment. After all, Zhang Tianyi’s name as a genius doctor has been reverberating in Jiangnan for decades. There are countless living people and he is regarded as a true genius doctor.

And what about Shaun?

Depending on the age, he was only in his early twenties, and Ye Tian, Zhang Tianyi’s disciple, might be of his age.

But now!

The genius doctor Zhang Tianyi not only knelt down to Shaun, he even called him a senior, how could this be possible.

More than everyone around.

At this moment, the excited smile on Ye Tian’s face completely solidified.

He looked at the master who was kneeling in front of Shaun, and he felt like a dream, and he couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Master…Master! Get up quickly, are you crazy? You are the genius doctor Zhang, how can you kneel for this surnamed Lin at your age?”

Ye Tian was panicked and immediately stepped forward to help Zhang Tianyi.

It’s just a scene that made him even more incredible.

Zhang Tianyi waved his hand and suddenly stopped his movement.

Then, squatting on the ground facing Shaun, said with a trembling voice:

“Mr. Lin, Tian Zhang is like Lei Guaner! Especially before I came here, I went to your home with Mr. Baishan and saw the medicinal meals you made. It was even more shocking!”

“Mr. Lin, please teach me, I am willing to worship you as a teacher!”

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