Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1097

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Chapter 1097

Jacob held the sunflower with a suspicious expression, “I gave you this flower?”

The diamond sunflower symbolizes eternal happiness.

He used to give her such warm blessings, he loved her in his heart too?

Irene was sulking and was silent all the way.

At the same time.

On the lady’s side, she struggled to find Silvia, who was crying to death under the bridge.

Silvia saw the eldest lady without gratitude or filial piety, and a sullen light aroused in her eyes. Roaring and accusing:

“It turns out that you are good to me because you are my mother.”

“I finally understand why I can’t beat Irene in this life. Because I have lost since I was born. I am the daughter of your fornication with others. This identity makes me unable to lift my head for the rest of my life.”

“I hate you.”

The eldest lady burst into tears, “Silvia. Why do you want to belittle yourself? Although you were born of an illicit relationship between your mother and other men. But your father is also a man with a face.”

A look of longing rose in Silvia’s eyes again, “Who is he?”

The eldest lady said: “He is the former leader of the Bai family, Bai Shuwu.”

Silvia had never heard of Bai’s name, and she couldn’t help but frustrated and said: “Bai Shuwu? Ha ha, even Bai Shutang has become a thing of the past, let alone Bai Shuwu? Today’s Bai, topped the surname of Media Asia is not as prestigious as it was back then. Moreover, the current person in power has changed to the younger generation, how old is he?”

The eldest lady said: “You don’t know about that. Bai Shutang is your uncle. Although he manages the Bai family outside, Bai Shuwu is the one who can really call the shots.”

Silvia was puzzled, “Really?”

The lady said: “He has a hidden illness, so it is inconvenient to come forward.”

After seeing that Silvia was not so repulsive of her own life experience, the lady suggested: “Silvia, you are from the Bai family. If you want, I will take you back to the Bai family and let you recognize your ancestors.”

Silvia weighed that she was suppressed by Irene at the Yan’s house. Maybe she went to the Bai’s house and she could make another world-shaking opportunity. Then he nodded, “Since I am the daughter of the Bai family, I should return to the Bai family.”

The lady nodded. “Okay, you can go with me.”

In this way, Silvia opened a new chapter in her life.

After Guan Xiao sent Irene and Jacob to the Calendar Garden, Irene pulled Jacob into the house, then took off the shackles and put them on the bedside post.

Jacob sat on the edge of the bed and looked at her angrily, “Should you change the temper of your eldest lady?”

Irene said with no good air: “You are used to it, you can’t change it.”

Jacob: “…”

“I’m used to embarrassing my mother in front of so many people?”

Irene smiled triumphantly, “Do you know how I learned about your mother’s scandal?”

Jacob stared at her intriguingly. “It’s not related to me, right?”

Irene nodded, “You guessed it. You gave me the evidence of the scandal that your mother had stolen the Bai family.”

Jacob’s face twitched, and he laughed at himself: “Why did I get so confused before?”

Irene walked away.

“Hey!” Jacob drank her, clanking the shackles.

“I want to go to the toilet.”

Irene folded back, unlocked the shackles, and dragged him to the bathroom.

The shackles were too short, he stood by the toilet, but Irene stood in front of him.

Jacob’s face was even worse than constipation, and looked at her speechlessly, “You look at me, how can I solve it?”

Irene scoffed at him, “hypocritical.”

Then turned his back, Jacob raised his hand, trying to stun Irene, but suddenly he heard Irene say: “I know you have amnesia, you can’t remember many things, but I want to remind you, you The person you trust may not be credible, and the person you hate may not be really annoying. When you recover your memory, I hope you don’t leave regrets for yourself.”

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