Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

Universal BOSS exclusive card!

When the electronic sound resounded in the box, the entire box fell into a dead silence.

Manager Wang, Lin Guangyao, Wen Qian, and Elvira could hardly believe their ears.

“I… Did I get it wrong? Just now, what kind of card is this?”

Wen Qian’s face was dull, and there was an expression of seeing a ghost in her expression.

More than her!

Elvira’s delicate body trembled like chaff, and her pretty face was flushed with excitement and disbelief.


Shaun’s card can really pay, especially all consumption, all free!

This makes Elvira as if dreaming.

“Quick! Quickly swipe it again!” Manager Wang screamed, and immediately ordered a waiter to pick up the card and swipe it again.

And when the same electronic sound resounded.


Manager Wang’s body trembled fiercely, almost paralyzed to the ground.

“Skull…Emperor Card! Gosh, the rumors turned out to be true! There really is such an emperor card!”

Deep excitement and shock appeared on Manager Wang’s face, and then he took a deep breath, suppressing all the waves in his heart, and then took the card, and then respectfully came to Elvira’s front:

“Respect… honorable lady! Please keep this card! From tonight, all your expenses in the Shengshi Club will be free of bills. You will be our most honored guest!”

When he said this, Manager Wang didn’t even have the courage to face Elvira.

He lowered his head, and then led all the service staff to bow deeply at Elvira.

Only then slowly left the box.

After Manager Wang and others left!

be quiet!


Almost everyone has not yet reacted from the shock just now.

“Oh my God! That… that card turned out to be true! What’s more, all the 10 million drinks and dishes are eliminated?”

An old classmate couldn’t help but swallowed and spit.

At this moment, he felt like a dream.

Not only him!

The rest of the people were all shaking in the same way:

“Universal Group BOSS exclusive card? How could Shaun have such a card? I can hardly imagine it!”

“Yeah, who is Shaun? It’s simply amazing. One card makes Elvira the most distinguished guest of the Shengshi Club!”

“Elvira, what on earth does your husband do? How could it be so powerful! Once you shot it, it was such a scary card!”



At this moment, all the old classmates surrounded Elvira one after another, screaming and admiring.

After all, they heard it with their own ears, Manager Wang said, from today onwards, Elvira will be the most distinguished guest of the Shengshi Club, everything is free!

This is simply unimaginable.



The old classmates around looked at Elvira as if looking at another treasure.

At this moment, Elvira was completely confused.

She still hasn’t woke up from the shock just now.

“Shaun… he doesn’t have a job…”

Faced with the inquiry of her old classmates, she suddenly felt a little at a loss.

Just heard this!

How could the old classmates around believe it?

An unemployed son-in-law, has this kind of emperor card?

What a joke!

“Elvira, don’t make trouble! We were wrong. We look down on people, please tell Shaun, forgive us!”

“Yeah, Elvira! We can’t afford to provoke a man like your husband! A word of others, I’m afraid we can ruin our family!”


Thinking of the humiliation of Shaun by myself and others before, these old classmates were so scared that their faces became earthy, and they begged Elvira madly.


At this moment, a scream suddenly resounded:

“Impossible! This waste, how can he has such a card!!!”


Hearing this voice, everyone turned around one after another, but saw that the speaker was Lin Guangyao.

Lin Guangyao’s face was already swollen into a pig’s head, a piece of blue and purple, where there was still half of the suaves that had been before.

In his eyes, jealous madness gleamed, and he screamed:

“Have you thought about it? How can someone like Shaun own this card? He might have stolen it!”



Hearing this, everyone was shocked.

This is more than that.

Wen Qian on the side was also mad with jealousy. She couldn’t bear it at all. Shaun, the trash who was previously despised by her, actually possessed such a noble card:

“Yes! I agree with the monitor! It has been three years since Shaun joined Zhubai’s house, and he is completely dependent on Elvira to support him! What can he do!”

“He must have stolen it!”


Wen Qian hurriedly stepped forward and said to Elvira:

“Elvira, don’t be fooled by Shaun! This kind of emperor card is no small matter! If he really stole it, then you and your Bai family will be in disaster!”


As soon as these words came out, Elvira’s face became pale.

That’s right!

She has lived with Shaun for three years, and during this time, she has never seen Shaun have any special abilities or special status.

He is just an ordinary person!

And how can an ordinary person have such a card!

Thinking of the possibility of’steal’, Elvira’s pretty face turned pale instantly:

“I… I will go to Shaun now and ask clearly!”

With that said, Elvira quickly walked out of the box.

In the back, Wen Qian and others followed quickly one by one.

They also want to know how Shaun got this card!

However, just as everyone left the box, Lin Guangyao took out his mobile phone.

“Huh! A waste, it is impossible to have such a card! It is definitely stolen!”

“Moreover, he offended Shao Xu and Shao Zhang, he is dead!”

Thought of this!

Lin Guangyao quickly pressed a number and dialed it.

When the call was connected, Ziheng Xu’s anxious voice suddenly came from inside:

“Guangyao, how is it? Is that person still there?”

Heard this!

Lin Guangyao was overjoyed, and he didn’t need to think about it. Young Master Xu was definitely rushing here, and immediately replied:

“Don’t worry, young man! That kid is still here, come soon! I’ll hold him first!”

Lin Guangyao’s words made Ziheng Xu overjoyed.

His excited voice came from the phone:

“Okay! Guangyao, you did this very well! When the matter is over, Ben Shao will immediately promote you to the general manager of Tianlong Group!”


As soon as these words came out, Lin Guangyao was ecstatic in an instant.

From the department manager to the general manager, then he really entered the group’s decision-making circle, even for the entire Jiangshi, he is the number one person!

When the phone was hung up, Lin Guangyao’s grinning smile became more intense:

“Humph! You trash, wait to die!”

“Look at Young Master Xu, how can he kill you! Hahaha…”


Lin Guangyao left the box, chasing Elvira and the others.

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