Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 929

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Chapter 929

Unconsciously, three days passed quietly.

Today is the day of the Bai family’s party.

In particular, many high-ranking figures in Jiang City, after knowing that Bai Chen, a direct descendant of the Jiangnan Bai family, one of the four most reclusive giants is personally here.


The whole of Jiang City was completely exploded.

Celebrities are here to congratulate.

The parking lot in front of Bai’s house was filled with all kinds of luxury cars.

What is especially frightening is that every giant has brought precious gifts to get a relationship with Bai Chen, and in almost a short time, there was a gifted mountain in Bai’s family.

A dazzling array of everything.

It can be said that today’s Bai family is the most beautiful one in so many years.

After all, it was Bai Chen, the son of one of the four hidden giants, who came to visit. This kind of influence was not inferior to the top tycoons in Jiangnan.


When Shaun’s family just stopped the Mercedes-Benz car, they suddenly saw Bai Yan with a group of Bai family children, and they surrounded them.

“Can’t stop here!”

Bai Yan stepped forward and shouted directly at Shaun:

“This is the VIP parking space, Shaun, do you have water in your head? You are just rubbish expelled by our Bai family, and you are not qualified to stop here!”

Bai Yan’s attitude is extremely bad.

After hearing this, both Baishan and Elvira looked pale.

They were expelled from the Bai family, but their body was bleeding from the Bai family’s blood.

And now!

Even they abstained from parking at will, which is simply the biggest humiliation to them.

What surprised the Baishan’s family was that Shaun was not angry at this moment, but nodded with a smile:

“Okay! Then I will park somewhere else!”

“Mom, dad, and wife, get out of the car first, I will park the car and come to you!”


Shaun’s words not only stunned Baishan’s family but even stunned Bai Yan and others.

They knew that Shaun was extremely arrogant and violent, especially he likes to break people’s legs when they say something wrong to him.

And now, he agreed?

“Huh! Waste is waste! I thought you were amazing!”

Bai Yan sneered, and now she didn’t bother to talk to Shaun and others and left directly.

Elvira asked Shaun with a worried face:

“Shaun, are you sure you are okay?”

Do not know why.

The more Shaun is so gentle and bullying, the more she feels creepy as if under this gentle appearance, there is a terrifying soul capable of destroying the world.

“Wife, it’s okay, we’re here today, just to watch the show, and to take the Bai’s house by the way!”

“That’s it!”

Shaun’s words with a smile made the Baishan family completely stunned.

Watch the show?

Take the Bai’s house?

That’s it?

The Bai family is about to become a behemoth in Jiangshi now, especially with the support of the Jiangnan Bai family, soaring into the sky is almost a certainty.

The Baishan family couldn’t understand why Shaun had such great confidence.

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