Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 962

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Chapter 962


Hearing this, Elvira was stunned for a moment. She turned her head to look and suddenly saw that in the first-class seat, was sitting a handsome young man in a suit and leather shoes.

“You… are you Chang Yuan senior?”

Elvira was taken aback for a moment and then asked in surprise.

“Hahaha… I really didn’t expect that after so many years of graduation, Goddess Elvira still remembers me as a senior!” The young man named Chang Yuan smiled heartily and looked extremely happy.

Elvira was also extremely happy, and said to Shaun, Baishan, and Paula:

“Shaun, Mom and Dad, this is the chairman of the student union when I was in college, senior Chang Yuan!”

“At the time when we were to school, he was a man in our school. Before he graduated, he founded the Chang Group! Last year, Chang Yuan’s senior was named one of the top ten young entrepreneurs in Jiangnan!”

Elvira said this with envy in her tone.

And after listening.

Chang Yuan was even happier to the extreme. He didn’t expect that Elvira, who was the school flower of the year, was still paying attention to his news. He even knew that he was named one of the top ten young entrepreneurs last year.

At the moment, Chang Yuan quickly stood up and shook hands with Baishan and Paula:

“Hello, uncle and auntie! You can call me Xiaochang!”

Chang Yuan looked at Elvira with admiration, and continued:

“At the time when I was in school, I was a loyal suitor of Elvira. I chased her for two full years, but she refused! Otherwise, we had a family now! Hahaha…”

Chang Yuan’s words are half-joking.

But anyone can hear the kindness and admiration for Elvira in his words.


Hearing this, Elvira and Baishan’s faces became stiff.

They did not expect that this Chang Yuan would be so direct, and even the matter of pursuing Elvira back then was directly said.


Baishan’s family took a peek at Shaun.

It was only after discovering that Shaun’s face was always smiling, and there was no slightest anger, the family let out a long sigh of relief.


The reaction of Baishan’s family also fell in Chang Yuan’s eyes.

He glanced at Shaun involuntarily, frowned, and asked:

“I don’t know who this is?”

“This is my husband, Shaun!” Elvira smiled slightly, and immediately took Shaun’s arm.

And this affectionate action caused Chang Yuan’s face to change slightly, and a deep look of jealousy flashed in his eyes:

“Oh? Shaun, right? I’ve heard your name. You are extremely famous in Jiangshi!”


There was a faint sarcasm in Chang Yuan’s smile.

The fame he said was the name of Shaun’s wasteful son-in-law.

Not only that!

Before Shaun could reply, Chang Yuan ignored him and asked Baishan’s family:

“Elvira, why are you people going to Jiangnan City?”

Chang Yuan seemed extremely enthusiastic.

It’s just that in his eyes, Shaun is just a stranger, and he doesn’t even have the qualifications to say a word to him.

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