Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 967

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Chapter 967

At this moment, the onlookers were discussing, and everyone’s face was full of shock and admiration.

Dragon Commander!

Tiger Commander!

Two gods.

Everyone just looked from a distance, and all of them could feel the unspeakable terrifying aura of the two war gods, like two terrifying hell beasts, stepping through the sea of corpses and blood, and walked into the world.

No one can imagine what a terrifying figure that Shan Lin will be so that the second commander’s Dragon and Tiger are leading the 10,000 Dragon and Tiger sergeants, ready to welcome him.

This is simply too shocking.

“Hey…I really don’t know, why are the big men in Niucha now surnamed, Lin!”

Baishan said with emotion at this moment.


His words stunned Elvira next to him.

That’s right!

In recent months, there has been an endless stream of big names surnamed Lin.

The mysterious Mr. Lin, who first appeared in Jiangshi, asked Liu Zhen and others to pay a grand party.

After that!

Doctor Lin!

Master Lin!

And now… Shan Lin!

The four mysterious big men Elvira knew were all named Lin. This degree of coincidence made her feel a little strange.

“Where is Shaun?”

For some reason, at this moment, in Elvira’s mind suddenly Shaun appeared.

Her husband, Shaun, although not a big man, always seemed to be covered with a veil of mystery.

Sometimes Elvira suspects that he is the real hidden BOSS!

Otherwise, how can miracles be created again and again?

“Hey…it looks like I’m thinking about it again!”

A wry smile appeared at the corner of Elvira’s mouth. She shook her head and threw this absurd idea out of her mind.


However, at this moment!

The footsteps of army boots came from the entrance of the hall.

Everyone saw that majestic soldiers armed with guns stepped into the hall, forming a long wall of people.

In the middle of the human will, a road was made.

Seeing this scene!

Everyone in the hall got refreshed:

“Look, it must be Shan Lin coming out!”


Suddenly, the whole hall was completely boiling.

The more agitated travelers could not help flushing, and raised their arms:

“Shan Lin!!!”

This shout seemed to have ignited everyone’s blood, and in an instant, hula la, the crowds of travelers, raised their arms and shouted:

“Shan Lin!!!”

“Shan Lin!!!”


The uniform shouts reverberated in the hall, deafening.

‘Shan Lin’!

These words are as if they have become the faith of all the onlookers here, making them enthusiastic and surging.

At this moment, even the Baishan’s family, as well as Chang Yuan, were also stimulated by the cheers, and they all shuddered with excitement, shaking their arms.


Just when the cheers reached to peak.

There was another footstep.

Then everyone saw that a man in a black trench coat walked out surrounded by a crowd of sergeants.

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