Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 968

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Chapter 968

When the man in the black windbreaker set foot in the airport lobby, almost everyone clearly felt that the temperature in the entire lobby has dropped several degrees, causing everyone to shiver involuntarily.



A trace of terrible aura permeated the hall.

Let everyone’s heart, a while.

“Is he the Shan Lin?”

One after another, they looked at the man in the black windbreaker.

Especially when they saw where the man in the trench coat had passed.


After a row of majestic sergeants bowed their heads to him.


In the entire hall, the boiling sound became louder and louder, and the name of the forest seat was roaring.

Everyone, as if they have seen their idol, flushed with excitement.

Unlike the people next to them, after seeing the figure of Shan Lin wearing a black windbreaker.

Whether it was a Baishan’s family or Chang Yuan, they were all taken aback, almost suspecting that they were blinded.

“Elvira! Do you see that Shan Lin’s profile and figure look like your husband Shaun?”

Chang Yuan was completely confused.

After he first saw Shan Lin’s figure and profile, he almost suspected that it was Shaun who has changed his clothes.

This made him almost scared to pee.

And on the side!

Elvira, Baishan, and Paula were also completely stunned.


In their eyes, this Shan Lin, no matter his figure or profile, is so much like Shaun, if it weren’t for the trench coat and army boots, they even suspected that it was Shaun.

“Shaun, this guy seems to have collided with a lot of big people!”

A wry smile appeared at the corner of Elvira’s mouth.

In her mind, she was the first to rule out the idea that Shaun was Shan Lin.

After all!

Although the two are similar, Shan Lin has one of China’s four major military positions, and he is the highest figure in the military.

On his one order, millions of lions can be invincible.

Even if he is placed in the world, he is still a bigwig.

And what about Shaun?

He is just a houseman who washes clothes, buys vegetables, mops the floor, and cooks every day. There is a lot of difference between them. How could they be the same?


Elvira had seen it before, the genius doctor Lin in the video, as well as the great master Lin on the Internet, were very similar to Shaun.

That’s it.

Baishan and Paula next to her also shook their heads.

If Shaun was Shan Lin, they would never believe it.

And at this moment!


Under the shock and excitement of everyone, the man in the windbreaker had already reached the door.


Almost instantly, a strong excitement appeared on the faces of the two commanders.

At the moment, they led No.1 Liu Zhen, subdued Ma Yong, and the eight chaebols, and bowed to Shaun:

“I waited to see Shan Lin!!!”

“I waited to see Shan Lin!!!”


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