Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1202

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Chapter 1202

“Send a text to Auntie, just say…”

Faith’s pupil dilated, “Mummy, Daddy won’t allow it.”

“So I can’t let him know about this. You keep it secret for Mommy.”

Faith nodded fearfully, “Okay.”

Upstairs, Jacob frankly said: “You are a boy, I don’t care how many girls you like before you get married, but there is a saying Daddy has to remind you-don’t touch them.”

Jason nodded coolly, “Hmm.”

Jacob said: “Jas, you can graduate from a legendary university in three years, which shows that you are extraordinary. I think you should be more than enough to manage Media Asia. If you have extra energy, you can also help us manage our sister.”

Jason said: “Yeah.”

“Your sister has learned to fall in love at such a young age. Daddy is worried that she will become an eternal hate when she misses. But there are some things that Daddy doesn’t want to make mommy unhappy because of your mommy. So I dare not personally discipline my sister. You It’s Faith’s brother. You spend a lot of time alone with her. When you have time, you beat Faith for your father. Don’t let her follow in the footsteps of your aunt.

Jason nodded: “Yeah.”

Jacob stared at his son dissatisfied, “Can you say one more word?”

“I know.” Jason said.

“Say two more words!” Jacob unwillingly induced his son.

“Got it.”

Jacob gave up completely, “Okay!”

After explaining Faith, he didn’t know what topic Jacob would talk about next, anyway, Jacob’s expression became extremely solemn.

Then, Jacob’s voice was full of self-blame, “And Derek, more than three years ago, I originally wanted to send him to one of my distant friends, but he was caught in country s. A man took it away.”

“Jason, Daddy has to take care of Mommy. You will go to Country S for Daddy. Be sure to bring Derek back. Okay?”

Jason said: “Daddy, take good care of Mommy, I will definitely find a way to find Derek.”

Jacob’s handsome face appeared sharply. “Well, starting tomorrow, Daddy’s ghost killers are all waiting for you.”

Jason nodded: “Yeah.”

Perhaps it was because the problems that had been deposited in my heart for many days were resolved, and Jacob slept particularly solidly that night.

However, he had a strange dream: In the dream, a ferocious little black panther and a naughty little lone wolf were chasing on the prairie-they chased for a while, and then began a thrilling competition.

The two small animals tore each other hard.

Jacob was so nervous that he was sweating profusely, and finally sat up in shock.

Reached out and touched the place next to it, but the place where the nephrite was supposed to be warm and fragrant was empty.

Jacob let out a cold sweat again, “Irene!”

He didn’t even wear shoes, so he hurried downstairs.


No one responded to him.

Jacob’s face was dusty, and he felt that his soul was going out of his way in a hurry.

When he came to the first floor, he found a crowd of people sitting on the sofa.

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