Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1203

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Chapter 1203

Faith and Jason silently drank breakfast tea.

Irene, Guan Xiao and Ye Feng lowered their heads, their eyes flickering and they dared not face him.

“Where is Irene?” Jacob said, his voice filled with icy cold.

No one dared to respond to him.

“Where is Irene?” Jacob roared.

Like thunder and lightning, it cut through the sky, shaking people’s six souls and seven souls.

At this time, everyone looked at him timidly with shocked faces.

Jason sighed almost inaudibly, and told the truth: “Daddy, my aunt took Mommy to Huanya Hospital.”

Jacob immediately understood that today is the big day for Tan Xiaoyu to undergo surgery, Irene must be worried about Tan Xiaoyu, so she entrusted Janice to sneak her to the hospital.

It turned out that the remarks she deliberately entrusted Janice yesterday were just to hide her ears, and he actually believed that she would really stay at home honestly.

Jacob turned upstairs and quickly changed his clothes for the trip. He didn’t care to say hello to other people, so he hurried outside.

Irene hurriedly stopped him, “Young Master Zhan, just let Irene go.”

Jacob turned and glared at Irene, his eyes were so fierce that he seemed to kill his father and enemy.

“What’s the condition of Irene’s body, don’t you know? Tan Xiaoyu undergoes the operation, Irene is guarding outside, she will be nervous. The operation is successful, but what if the operation fails? Can Irene bear the consequences? ?” Jacob roared.

Irene felt that Jacob was making such a fuss.

“Irene is such a fragile person, except that you can cause Irene’s disease, other people are not qualified.” Irene muttered.

Jacob was dazed…

After a cold snort, he strode out.

Irene said with his hands on his hips and an indifferent expression: “What kind of person is this. I have caused my sister so miserable, now I only know how to worry…”

Without noticing it, Faith rolled her eyes terribly at him very dissatisfied. “Don’t speak ill of my daddy.”

Jason inherited his daddy’s black-bellied temperament, and said with a sullen face: “Uncle, when my father is angry, someone will be unlucky.”

Irene grinned and said: “He is angry with your mommy. The unfortunate thing is your mommy. You two bastards don’t quickly find a way to save your mommy.”

Jason was drinking tea elegantly. “Daddy can’t bear to get angry with Mommy.”

Irene said: “Then who does he want to be angry with?”

“Who brought Mommy out secretly?” Faith snickered.

Irene’s face changed transiently, and immediately ran away.

Jason put down the tea cup and said to Guan Xiaoyefeng, “Let’s go, go to the hospital to watch the show.”

A group of people arrived at Media Asia Hospital.

After Jacob entered the elevator, Irene, who was a step later, suddenly swooped in. After entering the elevator, he pressed the pause button and waited for the restless people behind.

Jacob was anxious to visit Irene, but Irene delayed his time and made him blow up. “Take your paws away.”

Irene said: “Jas, they are still behind.”

“They can take the next train.” Jacob said with a sullen face.

Irene had to remove his hand timidly.

The elevator stopped directly on the sixth floor. As soon as the elevator door opened, Jacob left like a whirlwind.

Irene’s eyes widened, “So fast?”

In the waiting area of the patient’s family, Irene sat in a wheelchair, and Janice sat in the waiting chair opposite her.

When Janice saw Jacob rushing in front of her like a tiger and wolf, and the eagle eyes stared at her sullenly, Janice was trembling with fear.

“Sister Irene, big brother is here!” Janice reminded Irene.

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